There is always a contrast in life. There are the ones who settle and the ones who travel. I chose life!

On my journey until now I met many different people, because of the touristic spot I've been working at. Now I finally made it to Asia where even more worlds and cultures are colliding. The more people I meet the more I learn. This informal school called life is just amazing, you meet your teachers for free. And you teach them. It's all about meeting people and exchanging dreams, thoughts and energy. 

Since I know about law of attraction my life is becoming the best movie I've ever seen. And I am the producer, the director. I am the actress and I am the omniscient narrator of my own story. Fucking hell!

I more and more attract the people that really match my soul. When I started travelling I didn't had an idea of how beautiful life could be. And everyone who already knows me personally knows that I am happy everyday. Sometimes I meet people who still believe in coincidences. I think this is just an excuse. They just don't wanna face that everything is a beautiful destiny and that we just have to go with the flow. Just. Haha. I know it takes some time to realize this, but since I discovered about myself and that I am way different than I thought I am even more happy. Gratitude is the attitude. This is why I am so happy. Because I am grateful.

Yesterday I arrived to Bangkok and at the airport I met a guy from the Netherlands. I always imagine when I get to know new people that we are all bubbles. Like circles with rings arounds us, our aura. And when two people or more got to know each other the rings are overlapping. And then they start synchronizing. Sometimes just for a few seconds and sometimes years. This guy was actually my opposite. He was neither spiritual nor as passionate as I am. But he was very smart. So that he approached me at the International Airport of Bangkok was the start. I would never imagine after the first chats that I would spend the whole day with him. And the whole night. We were talking for almost 24 hours. So we just seperated from each other because the sun was almost rising, but we totally forgot about our jetlag, because when life gives you lemons you ask for salt and tequila. So if he wouldn't decide to approach me he would not pick me. I think you can really call it picking. The person who approaches the other one picks. It's your decision.

Then there is a friend of mine I got to know in Berlin last autumn. He was the labor collegue of one of my best friends. When we were sitting on the small balcony wearing all our clothes over each other to smoke a cigarette outside on a home party I would never imagine to meet this guy almost one year later in Bangkok. When I met him today we talked about synchronization. And we talked about life in general and what I gives us at the moment. And while we were talking there came something up to my mind. I didn't take a shower this morning. I just got up with a massive hangover because of drinking all night and talking about life with this Dutch guy that I forgot it this morning. I forgot it because I was so excited to start my day. And I thought that I would just go somewhere to have breakfast and then come back to the hostel to write something down. But you always get your lessons presented escpecially for you I know it was too early. So I took the shower after I arrived in the early evening back to the hostel. And it felt fucking amazing.

The more people I get to know while travelling the more I believe in the universe, in synchronization, in connection and in love. We are all here for a reason. And we meet each other on purpose. Nobody is just sent to your life by accident. It's all planned for you which is kind of comfortable. I think we always think that we can choose, but deep down I know it's a trick from our brain to keep us occupied.

The only decision that you can make is to choose life. And I chose. I chose life when I booked a flight drunk and found myself 4 hours later at the airport 5 minutes before the gate was closing. I chose life when I flew to Paris with my Tinder Date after not even 48 hours. I chose life when I climbed that special tree and fell from it so that I have a scar next to my right eye for lifetime which always reminds me that I have to open my eyes and be careful with my body. I chose life when I booked a flight to Thailand spontaniously one week ago without planning where to go or applying for any Visa or having a ticket back. I chose life when I did extasy the last time to just sit naked at a cliff looking at the sea for hours. I chose life when I got all my tattoos. And there are more to come. Because the only thing that we can really call ours is our own body. We come to this world with open hands and we will leave it with empty hands. And in between we just buy things, but everything is just borrowed.

Life is fucking short, it can be over tomorrow. When I was working on Ibiza I was fronting all these passed chances. I saw all the empty eyes and all the sad faces. Like they were smiling, but they were not laughing from their heart. Not like I do. My Dutch friend which I met in Barcelona she said to me that I smile with my eyes. And since I've been travelling with my parents since I am a child I saw all these hippie markets and I always imagined myself someday sitting there. It's like the table between you and the person who wants to sell something seems like a metaphorically river. And now I finally made it to the other side. I crossed the river. And the grass is greener on the other side. So when I met all the tourists on the hippie market in Ibiza they were so fascinated by my stories. This gives me an amazing feeling. I know that I always do what I want and I will always do, but to hear that from foreigners is just amazing.

It just takes balls to do the first step. Choose life! Choose the adventure over the comfort zone. Choose the unknown. Choose magic!!!

I just want to write down my visions to manifest them and see them coming true. It's like I just write my own story and then I patiently wait for my dreams to come true. And then you finally start realizing shit. When you see your own vision coming true. Don't share them with anyone. You just need some people who also believe in you. But first you have to start with yourself. And once you begun, you don't wanna go back. I promise you. It's amazing how everything fits in your little bubble and you start to enlarge your horizon.

I always felt attracted to the number 17. It's just because I know now that my soul is forever 17. I will not grow up. It's a fucking trap. And I don't play your game, society. I don't attend this meeting. I skip it. So many people abused my energy until now that I now know that I have to be very careful with it. At the moment I'm creating lifetime memories for my mind palace. I wanna write history. So I do. Just for myself. But I started to upload it to the internet, so others can follow me and get inspired. And there is nothing selfish or arrogant about it being a positive influencer. I just accepted this. I am. And I am proud of it. I am so fucking proud of me and where I am now. It's not depending on a place, but it's depending on your mindset. And since I really believe in myself everything is possible. The world is big and we are just ants. We just collect our relics. But we have to start the journey with leaving our beloved habits. Because the magical energy is spread all over the planet and you have to go for it. You have to move to collect it. Sometimes you will find it in other people. But mostly you will find it in yourself. All you have to do is look deeply, listen and trust. It's all about trust. When you don't trust in yourself you will never be able to trust in other people. So start with yourself.

Love yourself first. That's the biggest lesson. How can you love others if you don't love yourself? Fuck society. Fuck gender. Fuck conditionings. Fuck everthing you know. Take the first step to a fresh start. You are a child exploring the planet. Just go for it. Take it as life presents it to you. It's especially for you. And while you are alive there are lessons to learn, so don't be afraid. They will be delivered to you in various forms and they are especially for you. Once you learnt a lesson you can move to the next chapter.

The next chapter is one chapter before the next chapter after the next. And the last one is just love. Just go and open that door. And if it's closed it's not your door. Or it's still too early for you too open it. But don't try to demolish it. Accept it. You always have a choice. And we are all under the same laws of nature. Gravity, time, attraction. It's just the earth. It's home. It's our mom. How can you be such a bad bitch to your mom? She gave your life to you. It's the biggest gift you will ever receive in life. And if your are alive there are lessons to be learnt. And I go for it. I want to learn as much as possible. But for this I don't have to apply to university and get upset when they don't like my grades. I don't give a fuck about what you think about me. I'm not resigned, but I just became more careful. And I became more silent. Silence is sooooo beautiful. Just look at something. Observe it. Go into it. Dive in it. Feel it. Become it. Like Bruce Lee once said. Feel the water. Be one with the water. Be the water. Be water. Be. Just be!

Special thanks to all the amazing people I met since I started travelling. The best is yet to come. I truly love everyone who is reading this right now. There is no difference between love. You can not love someone more than another one. There is no competition. There is no comparision between the sun and the moon. They just shine when it's their time. I'm spreading love to the world, keep yourself focused on what you love or fucking quit it. Not next week. Not tomorrow. Now. Do it for yourself. Accept it. Respect yourself. And then just go for what you truly love. Forget about the rest. Thank you, thank you, thank you, DEAR UNIVERSE!!!