Trust in the Universe

Did you ever recognised that you have everything? That there is a huge abundance of everything? That you have a roof over your head and that you can take a daily shower and you just go somewhere to buy food and pay for it with money? The circle of life. I don't know if gratitude is ever going to end. If there is a limit of feeling grateful. That you can just go trough good and bad times, but in the end time doesn't even matter at all. Everything is just perfectly arranged. You just have to take it. Don't search for something. Don't seek for someone. Don't ask for anything. Don't knock on doors which are still closed. Don't chase happiness. Just relax. Enjoy. Relax and enjoy. 

It took me so long to realise that I am the only one who can ever save me in life. I first had to destroy myself, completely. Because in between all this rubble and ashes, I found life. I found myself. But finding something or someone includes that you should have lost something before. Did you ever lost yourself? Or is it another trick of society to make you feel weak and small? I found myself in between all this rubbish and behind all the lies people told me. The lies were just presented in a beautiful appearance of a human being. We believe in everything if it fits our current situation. But how can we ever think that something really matches us? We are all different though we are all the same. Everyone of us is an incredibly beautiful unique human being for itself. But just because we compare to each other we find lacks of things. 

Relax. Relax and trust the timing of your very own life. The universe is constantly trying to tell you, that you are on your path. There is no right or wrong, there is just your path. Trust in the universe. Because immediately when you trust in the universe you trust in yourself. You are the universe. The universe is you. There is no difference. The universe just communicates trough you as a human being. You are human. We can just communicate through energy. Energy is the only language that we all talk. But you don't always hear it. The voice in your head is your soul talking to you. You are not your mind. Your thoughts and your dreams come from another galaxy. They are sent to you. Through energy. There is no science about this. This is just the energy. Energy doesn't lie. It's not possible to trick energy. When you have an intention, when you listen to your intuition, it's mostly right. But you have to face this fact again and again until you are pretty sure about this. Trust.

It's hard to trust nowadays. There are so many people who try to abuse you for their own ego. It's hard to figure out who in this world is real and who not. Whom you can trust and whom not. So this is why the universe gives you lessons. And after these lessons you have to do homework. But when you always run away from the same old mistakes, they will be presented to you again and again. Until the lesson is learnt. And even after you likely learnt the lesson, the universe will test you again and again. And then you can finally prove it. It's just about the prove to yourself. It's all about you. It's only a question of proving to yourself whether you have understood it or not. 

I am my own experiment. I don't believe in what people say until I tried it myself. I deeply know that it's fucking hard to wait. You ask for something and it just doesn't show up. Why? Because you chase it. You have to relax. Try it with small things. Everything is so fucking perfectly synchronised that I sometimes have to laugh about it when I feel it in the exactly right moment. Trust in the universe. You will get everything you want if you are able to be patient. You will just receive it when you are ready for it. You don't receive it now? You are not yet ready for it. Relax. Continue to share your heart and when the time is right, the universe will deliver you the most amazing love. Just believe! Believe. Relax. Breath. Just feel the air going through your whole system. Inhale the truth. Exhale the love. We are created to be one with nature. We are nature. Nature is us. The universe is natural. Nature is universal. It's all one. 

Just let it go. Let go of how you thought your life should be and embrace the life that is trying to work its way into your consciousness. Like I don't wanna spoil the ending for you - but everything is going to be okay. It's gonna be alright. Just relax. Don't chase luck. Because in between you try to find happiness in something or in someone, you always pass yourself. Did you ever think about that you are enough? That you are enough as a human being and that you are enough for yourself? Enjoy to be with yourself. You are never alone, there is the whole universe inside of you. Trust in the universe. Trust in yourself. You don't have to go with the flow, because you ARE the flow. Creating that stream and current with every step intention and breath. Just breathe. Inhale. Exhale. Life is beautiful. There is no need to suffer. There is no point in chasing your past. There are no mistakes. Start to see things as they are. And not how you have been taught about it. Let go.

Did you ever think about life as the biggest joke itself? Did you ever think that life is just a big test? That everyone in your life is teacher and this teacher is trying to ask you something whether you have understood it or not? Did you ever think about life as the exactly opposite of what you thought it is? Life is just happening. There is no you. This is just your ego. It's just your mind telling you to do stupid things to feed your ego. Your ego is hungry, so you go out and buy shit. You just buy so much shit until you realise that there is nothing more to buy. And then people start to buy the same shit twice to brag with it. What the fuck? 

Life is just a beautiful experience. Life is fucking short. Your energy field works like a funnel. The universe mirrors what you put out. Take your time to put out love, light and pure intention. The universe will respond, this was the first language called truth. Make time for your timeless self to connect with the universe. It's all about connection. Networking nowadays. But still, it's connection. You are the mirror to who you meet. People you meet are mostly you from the past or you from the future. I really tested this and now I'm pretty sure about this. And once you meet yourself in another version you wanna stay with that person. You met a soulmate. You mostly like things about another person that reflects you in a certain way. That's normal. How can you like someone who is always late when you are always on time? A very small example. How can you not love someone who takes care of you like you would do it for yourself? Everything is a mirror. Your body is a mirror to your lifestyle. If you appreciate your body as the holy temple which you received at birth, you accept and tolerate yourself. And since you start believing in yourself, you don't wanna put any more shit into you. Neither in your mouth nor in your head. Choose wisely. Be careful with your energy. There are people out there who just wanna suck you out. They just suck the life out of you. I like to call these people energy vampires. You just feel empty after you met them. Energy is everything and everywhere. 

Love who you are now. You are amazing and you are special the way you are. You cannot compare yourself to another person, because everyone out there never lived before and will ever live again. Every fucking second in this world is unique. Nothing will ever be the same. Nothing! You cannot go back in time. Time is the only thing that you cannot change. So just accept it. In any given moment we have two options: to step forward into growth or to step back into safety. It's your decision. 

I like to compare myself to a big green tree. But now I know that I have feet to walk and no roots. So I have to move. And there is just one way to move: forward! Choose life! Take the chance that is given to you, because the universe is sending love to you. Take it. It's free. Don't worry about the others. Once you enlighten your own candle you can help others to enlighten theirs. Take life as the beautiful journey it is. There is nothing more. And nothing less. Life is just happening. Through you. There is no you. Forget about your name, forget about where you come from - you are here and that's fucking beautiful. Open your chakras. Let the light flow in. Be your own flow. Go out in the nature - nature is home. This is where we come from and where we go to. Soak up the sun. Breathe deeply. Be romantic. Just be. It's not that hard. Just be. Try to forget everything you know and unlearn everything. Experience life yourself. Don't let others live your life. Trust in the universe. You already have everything you have always been asking for. Believe in it. Just live in the moment, because this moment is your life. 

Trust. Faith. Love.