Vegan Power

I didn't choose the vegan life - the vegan life chose me. 

It's like coming home. It's like finally remembering who you really are. It's just life. Pure life. I wanna share with you why I went vegan and that it was truly the best decision of my life. In this time everything is fake. Everyone is just nice to you because they can abuse you for something. And that's ok because most of us got educated like this mostly in the western world. Even when your parents tell you you should never judge a book by its cover they are the ones who do. So if you really want to live a life full of abundance, natural compassion and unconditional love  - you go vegan. 

First I did it for myself. And after being in this completely new chapter of gratitude I realised that I did it for nature. Because I am nature. As much as nature is me. And being vegan is the most natural way to live. You cannot really deeply love animals while still eating bacon for breakfast Even now I think differently about having pets or how you call it. Where is the difference between a little pig and a puppy? Why are we going to kill chickens but not cats? Thanksgiving means: a tortured dead bird with dried bread stuffed into its anal cavity is a symbol of gratitude an abundance. And vegans are the crazy ones. Why is this world so fucked up and the advertisement tells you that you are a decent human going to eat your Big Mac while laughing at all these fat unhealthy people? Do you really know what you put in your mouth?

I did it all. And I did eat it all. Man I did eat a lot. But while I was swallowing all these animal products I was even more swallowing all their suffering. And this is the reason why I was suffering mostly all my life. While I was smiling. Because I thought this was normal. This is how life should be. And as you already know I had some psychedelic trips to realise that this is not reality. Reality is how you perceive it. It's your own way of seeing things. Sometimes we just have to close our eyes and open our minds. And then magic happens. Thanks God that these mushrooms found their way in my life. I think this endowed my expectation of life like 20 years.   

"The animals of the world exist for their own reason. They were not made for humans any more than black people were made for whites or women for men" - Alice Walker. Being vegan changes my life daily. And it is not at all as hard as everyone says or thinks. Everyone I know including myself says that they never could go vegan. This is what every vegan said before. And everyone I know including myself says that they never could go back. This is what every vegan says now. 

It's like you just have to remember who you are. We have so many proofs in nature that we as human beings were always created to eat plants. Just because animals cannot speak our languages doesn't mean that we can just kill and abuse them. It starts in our heads. If you just realise that you don't want to have dead flesh in your body which is going to combine itself with your cells and affect your complete behaviour... You cannot know this before you didn't experience it yourself. You cannot believe me. You have to try it yourself. You can never believe someone if you didn't try it yourself. There is a huge difference between believing and knowing. The experience. 

Quite apart from the fact that I just feel even more energetic and amazing every morning I wake up after like 6 hours of sleep I just feel so much more compassion for the life itself. My skin is getting so much tighter and I'm getting leaner every day. I don't need any kind of cosmetics or make up anymore. I just use soap. Because I don't smell anymore. And by the way - if you just eat fruits and vegetables your pooh even smells like flowers. This is not a joke. There are never ever these embarrassing moments in the bathroom again. My eyes have become so much better, I don't need my glasses anymore. Drinking at least 3 litres of water a day keeps me hydrated. I never ever need to use body cream again. My hair and my nails are growing so much faster. I don't crave sweets anymore which is one of the most stunning side effects for me personally. I have some body goals I wanna reach. And I have some crazy things I wanna achieve. Like for example I wanna run a marathon. Which will be not that hard because since I am vegan I am just a super hero. My energy is like thousand times more awake than before. I am going to the gym daily because I don't feel sore or tired anymore. So these are just some facts that belong to my personal change. 

The best thing is that I help nature to recover from our abuse. I don't harm animals or environment. I try to be a zero waste person. When I see a fucking plastic bag on the street I just take it and use it for my rubbish. Well actually my rubbish just consists of fruits. It takes so much drinking water to produce one fucking Big Mac. I really try to be patient and kind with all you out there reading this and still eating meat. Because I was one of you for a very long time. But now I just want to be the best version of myself ever possible. And since I lost more than 20 kilograms I know that I will be even more than I could ever imagine. And this is why I share my story with all of you. Because everyone of us matters. We are all one. And we are all living on this planet. We have two homes - our body and the earth. And we fucking have to take care of it. Future generations will just say while shaking their heads: "I can't believe we used to eat animals."

You can be the goddess that sleeps within you. You can be the hero that tries to talk to you in your head. You can become everything you want in this life. And the best thing is - you already are. You just have to remember who you are. 


You are not going to master the rest of your life in one day. 

Master the day.

Then just keep doing that every day.


Go vegan for our beautiful blue planet.

Go vegan for all the animals and stop their suffering.  

Go vegan for your own health and become the supreme being. 

Go vegan for all these sexy people out there waiting for YOU to turn vegan. 




After you saw this you know what I am talking about...

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