Home is where your heart is. Home is between these two worlds. Between life and death. Home is inside of you. Your body is home. Mother Earth is home. Home doesn't belong to a certain place on this planet. You know this feeling when you buy some new interior shit or you just redecorate your room and you just feel so much more energy after you did. Me as a kid I was always changing the setting of my furniture so many times. I always get bored quickly by the same point of view. I love change in general. I love these before and after moments. And when you realise that the first home you ever have is your own body you fucking take care of it. Because it's your body for your entire life. 

Consciousness is so much more than I will ever explore in this life. Consciousness is beautiful. It's just there. I mean we are all so beautiful and nobody realises this. Beauty comes in so many faces and shapes, in so many colours and races. Why do people love to label everything? Because it's a nice feeling to put things in a box. To organise this huge amount of souls out there. There is nothing to organise. You just have to relax your own base and damn chill. Everything will fall into place in the right time. 

I am a curious child since I can think. I was always annoying people to get answers. But their answers mostly never satisfied me. I mean how can you really tell a child when it asks where we come from that we are brought by the stork. The fuck? Children take everything serious because they are still pure and unconditioned. But when you feed them with lies like this because you don't have the right words to explain the miracle of the communion when two bodies melt into each other - how can we not all be fucked up? We are stars wrapped in skin. The light we are seeking has always be within. But most of the shit we were taught by people we have to unlearn. Because they didn't know what they were doing either. 

I know that we are all the same on one hand and on the other hand we are all as unique as conceivable. I think this life is just amazing. I sometimes try to feel other people's intentions to do this or think that. But I always end up questioning myself: Why? We are all given the same tools to make our personal best out of this life. We are here for a reason. We are here because we have to fulfil our purpose. Everyone is sent to planet Earth because of a special task. We are not just here to work in an office and pay bills until we get retired and then realise that there is no energy left to live. You can always wish for everything you want and be unsatisfied if you don't get it - but actually you just have to fulfil your purpose. And then you are freed from desire. You can go home then. 

Life is an informal school where we all have to learn how to remember what our souls already know. Sometimes you are excited because of things and you don't know why. It's because you know it from a past life. Your soul remembers something. This is maybe why I can just write all this stuff. I don't know where it comes from. I just translate my electric frequencies called thoughts into words, put them in sentences and then it ultimately makes sense. Or not. I don't know. For my own perception it makes sense. I don't know why I am so strong and brave all my life. I just accept it. I just receive my gift to give it away. This is what life is all about. You identify your special skill to help yourself first and then help others. It's that easy. Nothing more and nothing less. We are all broken. We are all fucked up. And this is the only way how the light gets in. To shine for the world. 

I actually never met someone in life who has an "easy story" to tell. Everyone of us is a fucked up personality. And that's beautiful because just then we can fix each other. We can be healers and doctors for each other. We can inspire others to give something back to this planet. I truly know deep down in my soul that being vegan is the best decision to save this Earth. I went vegan because I want to be an example. I went vegan because I'm being the change I wish to see in the world. This life is full of compassion and love. I am too sensitive to fit in a system where people just annoy me with following their rules. I don't like rules. Because they limit you. And you should be your own limitation. Your mind is your own limitation. Everything you can dream of or think of is possible. 

It's just sometimes hard to accept that I have to let go of so many "friends". Of people I thought I like. But I was just in love with their appearance or some nice words they said to me. But now I know that I prefer to be alone to not get harassed by some of you. I can't take it any longer. And that's okay. As you all know me I don't like arguments or fights so I just pull myself back and be in silence. I don't mean it personal but I need to protect my energy. Because I am here for a special reason. And I am a warrior. I am here to fulfil my purpose with all the others out there and then we are free to go home again. Life and death is the same. Time is just an illusion. Life is an inception. We are living a dream in a dream. We are just energy in human expression. Everything is a polarity. Like above so below. There is nothing neutral as though energy. Energy is. Energy is a being thing. A being mystery. 

Everything we do is meant for us to do. There is no such false timing or the wrong place or whatever. Everything is determined on one side and as free as you can imagine on the other side. You are your own creator. Since I can write I am writing down my thoughts. I am an author since I am five years old. I don't always incarnate in human form but when I do - fuck yeah I make sure to go through some really awful shit to transmute it all into light. You don't know nothing about me. Neither I do. And please don't judge my book by entering this chapter. Sooner or later the whole fucking truth will come to the surface. But until then we have time. We have time to meditate and love ourselves first. 

Don't let society fool you. Don't let your parents fool you. Don't let your teachers fool you. They don't have any idea what they are doing here either. Be thankful for all the lessons you receive. For all the putative mistakes you already made. You would not be you if you didn't do anything exactly the way you did. You can still keep on suffering and hating other people or circumstances for your "bad life". Or you just start to make a change. You are the change. The funny thing is that I actually write all this to myself. So after I published it I can read it out loud to myself to motivate me to keep on going all the time. Because I could never ever appreciate life as I do it now if I didn't go through all this shit. I waded through so much shit. I already drowned. But there was this voice deep inside of me that always reminded me to fight. Fight until you know that there is nothing more to fight. Shoutout to the pain that gave me understanding. And now I know that every answer and every personality I was always looking for is already there. It's inside of me. It's not me. It's just deep down inside of me. It's the light that shines through all these dark days. It's the implacable light that always leads me the way. There is no goal in life. The path called life is the goal. 

We are magic. We are deep. We are sacred. We are divine. We are all one. We are just split in different forms. Some of us are trees. Some of us are clouds. Some of us are elephants. And some of us are humans. But we are all the same. We are all breathing the same air. We are all breathing. We are all alive. And we all have the birthright to live! We are as free as we want to be. Because there is nothing to reach. Everything you already reached doesn't feel good after you did. Because then you want more. So if you accept that there is nothing to reach, no such thing as the moment in life where everything makes sense, then you are there. You are home. 

When people told me that I'm mature for my age I always knew that I matured from the traumas, not from the years. I've been hurt so much in my life that I thought about taking my life when I was younger. People have no idea that high sensitive beings take everything personal. They can't distinguish between right or wrong because they just see the world through their heart. We are just given eyes to look up to all the magic happening out there. Life is the biggest challenge. Nobody told you that before. Nobody said it was easy. So I first had to destroy myself completely. Because everything that is broken can be fixed. There is a wonderful story about ancient Japan. It's called Kintsukuroi. When some objects were broken the Japanese fixed it with gold. They were mending broken things with gold. They aggrandise the damage by fulfilling the cracks with pure gold. They believe that when something's suffered damage and has a history it becomes more beautiful. 

What do you think about this? Why can't we think about ourselves like this? Isn't that a beautiful metaphor? What if we just relax and not always strive for perfectionism? What if we just fill our wounds with warm white light? And accept ourselves and everyone around us just the way it is? You maybe think that you only live once but I don't believe in that. I just think that we can just remember this life. But how can we sometimes just know things intuitively? Why can we just do some things for the first time and it just works out immediately? Let's be vulnerable. Let's be compassionate. Let's be there for each other. Let's spread love. 

Why do we look for life on other planets? Can we please just stop killing life on this one where we are all living now? We just borrowed this world from our children. Think about the further generations. Think about all the suffering out there. Think about people who don't have enough drinking water. I truly believe that we can make a big change as long as we believe in it. Love yourself first. Start with yourself. And then help the others. Unite. Ask your higher self for forgiveness. And accept yourself the way you are. Because you are beautiful. And you are here for a special reason. You have an ability nobody else has. And in this life you are finally strong enough to free it. To live it. Be natural. Don't try to copy someone. Be yourself because everyone else is already taken. Let the love in. Let the light out. 

I don't want to hurt anybody on this planet, neither a human being nor an animal. I am compassionate. I am true. I am pure. And I am obviously here to remind you of that. Unleash your higher self. Forgive yourself. Love yourself. And take your time to heal yourself. And after you did all this - wake up with a huge smile every morning because there is another chance to give something back. And the best thing about it: The more you give - the more you get. Because love is limitless. Love is endless. Love is the only reason why we are here. The fact that there is a beginning and an end is just a concept seeded into your mind by society. You are constant. You are eternity. You are infinity. You are continuous infinite energy and energy never ends. It transforms. 

I love this planet. I love this life. I love this body. I am in love with myself. I am in love with my higher self. I am in love with my soul. I am in love with nature. I am nature. I am here to fulfil my purpose with the special gift I was given. Thank you, thank you, thank you Mother Earth, Universe, God and Higher Self. Call me insane or mad - but I am here to veganise this fucking planet! Amen!