One Truth

Did you ever question yourself where you come from? I mean not that you came out of the vagina of your mom. I mean the deeper interest in the life you live. Did you ever ask yourself why you are here? In this body? Grew up in that family? Surrounded by the friends you know? I question myself daily why I am here. Who sent me to Earth? Who incarnated my soul again in the year 1994? Why do we forget everything we learn in our past lives? It's like you die and you go to the light and then you come out of the womb again and the first thing you see is the bloody screaming neon light in the hospital room. What a warm welcome! 

Well, I asked the Universe for the truth. I demanded so many times for the truth. For the one and only truth. There is just one truth. And now I realise that I am receiving drops of it daily. Day by day I understand more which leads me to even question more. Because more knowledge leads to more issues in general. I am not anymore just accepting everything that people tell me. Because I know that I've been fooled my whole life. And because just then I can start to see things differently. I asked for it. And now I have to deal with the fucking truth. 

I don't believe in religions. We are all God. All the religions we know are just there to fool us. It's all propaganda. They just want to abstract us. They want to fucking deviate us from the one and only truth. There are so many names for it. So many expressions. And so many different views of what we could believe in. But did you ever think about that you could maybe believe in yourself? That it's a good thing to seek the answers inside of you? And accept all the help that is given to you by all your teachers incarnated in human form? You just have to accept it. Because if you don't do it you will pay for it. If you are not paying attention to the signs you will pay for the outcome. Sooner or later. I prefer sooner because just then I am sure to not waste my beautiful human experience on planet Earth. 

So as I started to ask the Universe for the truth. Now it happens daily. Sometimes I get it directly and sometimes I need a dream a few nights later to decipher the sign. But yeah, I receive it. And it's not even shocking me anymore. I found out so many things in my life that I thought they were true. And I think Einstein was pretty sure with his idea of "I know that I know nothing". Because just when we allow ourselves to always achieve new information and change our perspectives with changing environmental conditions we are able to change our minds. I know it's hard but they start teaching us lies when we are small innocent little children. Where do we come from? You were brought by the stork. Who is Santa Claus? He is the white beard guy who watches you all year to tell you about your mistakes on Christmas so you do better for next year if you want to receive gifts. Why do we eat animals? Because meat is full of protein and your small little body needs it. Why do we drink milk? Because it makes your bones strong. 

And one day you get served the biggest lie you could not even imagine and you start at zero. What the fuck did I just hear? What the hell did I just read? And in the moment of shaking you start to rotate around your own centre and suddenly see your life from upside down. You start to accept another opinion. Another world view. You start to believe in nothing anymore. So you start to experience yourself. You just stop to listen to everyone and seclude from the rest. You meditate about your being. You research things on the internet. You reread books and write down awarenesses in your dairy. You watch documentaries and conspiracy theories. And then you just imagine that the whole world you used to live in is based on lies. Propaganda. Fake words for fake people who are now dumb enough to just swallow everything. So you realise that everything you've been through and everyone you met was just a piece of the puzzle to prepare you for this very moment. But then this moment expands to a whole day. And then this day expands to a whole week. And just then you know - you are on the right way. The only way. The way to the truth. The wonderful blossoming path to enlightenment. The only possible path to the light. 

But it will hurt as fuck first. Oh damn, it hurts when you realise that everything is a lie. When you realise that believing in lies was actually more comfortable and easier. Because it was the warm comfort zone of society. But then somethings happens. You question yourself anything. You start to establish a border between yourself and the rest of the world. And now I know that I am not lonely. I am just separating from people who can't go with me to the next level. Don't take it personal. Maybe I see you there later but for now I have to go on my own. Because the Universe does this thing: Where it aligns me with people, things and situations that match the energy I put out. The more I improve myself and raise my vibration, the more I will see things that are beneficial to my well-being. I just try to explain all my current thoughts and moods to the world wide web because I feel this strange amount of importance deep down in me. I've been called crazy my whole life. Well, being considered "crazy" by those who are still victims of social conditioning is actually a compliment for me. It's nothing new for me. Or to say it in the words of Alan Watts: "There are only two kinds of people. Those who believe in that they are a victim of the world and those who understand that they are the world". 

People are in your life for a reason, others are there for a season. And it's important to realise when the season is over. Just like all the trees in autumn time - your leaves fall down to the ground. I know it's hard to let go of everything you thought about this world. Sometimes I am still suffering and kind of want my old life back. But one minute later I know that there is no way back. The past is dead. The future is yet to come. So the only thing you can choose is growth. Experience. Motivate yourself daily to question everything. Don't just accept anything because you feel shy to ask why. People abuse you. Hard fact but it's true. And the most interesting thing about it: most of them don't even know about it. They have just been educated like this and most of them even look pretty beautiful but they are not. Congratulations if you have a pretty face. And some of them know exactly what they do and how to act in publicity to make people believe in their words. It's all about trust. 

Dear humans, I know it's hard to take - but society is mucking with you all the time. I think I got this marketing education to be more aware of this. You know, I cannot do nothing. I just follow my path. I think about all the movies I saw and what they taught me. This world is just exactly NOT as I thought it was. And even now I still don't want to open my eyes up to all these bloody cruelty facts because I think I could not take it. How could we live one day longer in this world if we all would know the truth? I think most of us always had some kind of feelings that something is going wrong. I mean we are fighting, we are killing each other - just because of power. Since there is money the world is going down. Greed. Meanness. Hatred. And why? Because to daunt people makes them fit in the system they created for us. They want to control us. They control us in ways that not even the worst scary movie could point out. 

I don't know how many of you have been watching the movie V for Vendetta. Remember, remember the fifth of November. This day is today. I just feel it coming. I feel this movie is the horrible analogy to our world. I don't want to believe in this but deep down I follow my intuition and I know it. We have been brain washed for centuries. People are just too scary to break out so they follow some cruel leaders to not kick against their own humanity. I know that all the sophisticated civilisations had so much more contact to the divine. They were connected to nature and both consciousness and subconsciousness. They believed in the spirit. In the soul. I know that nobody wants to take this conclusion because of the missing evidences but I truly believe that they just had all the knowledge because they fucking deserved it. They were in touch with the Universe and with the stars. They were stunning bridges to the afterworld. And all the hieroglyphics which show the creatures of half animal and half human - did you ever think about that they were just real? True? That we as human beings were different thousands of years ago? How could we not? We were in touch with nature. We were healthy. And now we are stuffing our wasted bodies with the dead flesh of horribly tortured animals which are fed with antibiotic medicine to get them sooner to the slaughterhouse. Abusing animals is still just a fucking naughty projection of the self hate from all of these unbalanced people out there. 

It's so hard to take. It's so hard to understand. It's so hard to really accept that we have been swallowing lies every damn day of our entire life. It took me 23 years to come to this point. But from now on I don't believe in this concept anymore. There will be a revolution. It's long ago becoming due to a change before we destroy the last pieces of this beautiful planet. And first we have to start with ourselves. Because nothing will ever change if anybody in this Universe is going to push away the responsibility. We fucking have to start with ourselves. We have to calm down, heal our bodies to get a healthy mind back and then help others. And the stars will be realigned. But we don't have much time left. Actually the Mayas already predicted our "end" on the 21st of December in 2012. Well, we are still here. Obviously. But we entered the age of darkness. And after this there will be another golden age. Like every 26000 years. So do you feel a change in the last 5 years? Just imagine if at least every second person would go vegan in the next 5 years? The change would be huge. 

I will never give up the hope in love. I will never give up the hope in unity. And just when we unite we can make a change. I am praying for forgiveness and for the universal will of positive change. Let there be love. Let there be light. And let there be unity. Again. 

I am grateful to be a part of this world. But I don't wanna be apart of this world. I am grateful to be able to breathe. But I don't want to take the last breath in a climate catastrophe. I am grateful to be a happy child. But I don't want to be a parent of a child growing up in a world consisting of screens instead of smiles. Thank you, thank you, thank you, dear Universe, for donating me the truth. Every. Damn. Day.

I love you...