Indian Fever

He called me Babi. I called him Baboo. It was this chapter of my life where I felt I had this Indian fever. I don't know how I could put it in human words somehow. This feeling. This great electric feeling. I always knew that we have been together for so many lives. When I had the first intensive look in his eyes I felt home. I always do when we are eye gazing. It's like everything around his eyes start to blur. It's like he was sent in my life to show me that we don't need social conditionings to love. And so did I. We just crashed each others lives like no one of us could have ever imagined. And so we just be together. All we always wanted to be was being. 

I don't really know where to start, because obviously there is whether a start nor an end. I just feel that everything is connected and I know it. So I don't have to explain more. But basically it started when we first met in person. So the moment when our earthy bodies first touched each other. No, I think it started when we had the first eye contact. And then the energy was just flowing. But let me start before this happened. 

So I stayed in Ibiza for the summer and worked on a hippie market as a temporary tattoo artist. How I got in this job was another beautiful chain reaction of people who are connected to help each other. And I will never forget the last day when I was working and when I finished the shop I was going home super exhausted from the heat to finally head in the shower and smoke my joint and call it a day. In this night I was listening to the song Revolution from Diplo. While I was singing along to it I had this feeling of anticipation. I already knew that I would quit my job the next day. What a feeling! I don't know why but I had this huge desire to have a quick transposition as soon as possible. So maybe "his" energy was calling me. We will never figure it out. 

I stayed one more week before I left for a short trip to Amsterdam. Just as a good connection because I spontaneously booked a flight from Amsterdam to Bangkok. It was a really cheap flight so I had to wait like ten hours in Kiev for my connection flight. I can't describe the feeling I had when I left Europe for the first time. Alone. As a woman. I had so many expectations. But it wouldn't be me if I was not always believing in the highest good. So when I finally arrived in Thailand I met this guy at the airport. No, it was not "him" yet. Everything just fell into place so I travelled with him to a hostel because I "accidentally" (love all these words that belong to the word stem of "coincidences") booked  the hotel for the night before. However. I stayed in Bangkok for two nights and then I had my flight to Chiang Mai. Shoutout to Emma who I met in Ibiza with her two beautiful friends. She told me that it would be a nice destination for me as we talked for like one hour about Thailand. Thank you girl, you were a big part of the story! 

The feeling when I arrived in Chiang Mai was almost overwhelming. My skin was prickling all the time. Not just because of the heat but more because I already deep down knew that something special would happen on this 12th of September. Another piece to the puzzle was my old friend from the past life in Germany. Lisa tagged herself in the restaurant where I would meet him. Vegan Heaven. So we "accidentally" missed each other about 24 hours in Chiang Mai. That was enough to get the idea to go to that restaurant. In Bangkok I met another friend from Germany who told me about the app MapsMe. Because of no internet access I downloaded the North Thailand map and could find everything even without internet. Amazing! Google, you are another part of the puzzle, but you already know because you track everything. I saw that the way was quite far from my hostel and as a low budget backpacker I don't wanna spend money on stupid public transportation. So I decided to just walk out of intuition. Even that I first went to the complete wrong side of the city was another sign to set the timing. 

As I strolled around Chiang Mai I was just up to take it easy first. So I found this very interesting second hand book shop next to the tattoo shop. I decided to go left and right and right and left. 

After this I ended up in the best smoothie bar I have ever seen. Khunkae's Juice Bar. I decided to have a smoothie. 40 Bath. 1 Euro. Okay. I walked around and around and left right left, oh my gosh! There was Vegan Heaven. I just "accidentally" found the restaurant. Too bad I just bought a smoothie. Right, it was just too early to have some cooked food at this moment. I went back to the main street and found this tattoo shop again. As I entered the shop (I wanted to go for an Om tattoo) I got to know Mea. She was a host for backpackers behind the tattoo shop and her tattoo artist son was just on a tattoo convention. She was so friendly that she invited me to her backyard where we sat down for like one hour to talk. Thank you so much Mea, you opened my heart in so many ways! And you were another key to the ultimate goal as you already know. We just talked immediately about so much deep stuff that I thought every conversation I had before was just nonsense. 

But suddenly I had this feeling... I had this call in my soul. I knew I had to go. It was just this gut feeling. I told her that I was very hungry (which was a little lie, I could just not concentrate on her words anymore) and that I have to leave to this restaurant now. She said it was special to meet me and that she would be happy to see me again. Our conversation ended with the topic of men. I was just about to tell her that I really wanna meet "the one" or my soulmate or this so called Mr. Right. And I told her that I finally accepted that I am still not ready for him. And after she replied I had this feeling. It was like a flight instinct. So I started the walk to Vegan Heaven. I swear to God, on the trail to this restaurant I knew I would meet "him". I just knew it. It was like my heart got pulled to this very place where I've been two hours ago to tell me that the timing wasn't right but the place was. And as I came around the corner my heart started to beat faster. 

And then I saw him. There was almost nobody there. And it was already dark. So there was just one couple sitting outside (well, I'm pretty sure it was just a first date and not a couple according to what senseless materialistic bullshit they were talking about). And then there was this one other guy. He was wearing a green team vegan shirt. And he was obviously Indian. To be real honest, you know what I first thought? "This guy, Universe, are you serious?" We had eye contact for a short second. But this second was more than enough to connect us. It was necessary to connect us in a physical way. But I like to sit outside because of the fresh air and decided to sit on the porch. This means that I had to sit like he could just see me from behind. No more eye contact possible at the moment. I was not that hungry. I knew that the feeling in my stomach was because of him. I got confused. I started to think about him. And as I did I felt that we were already corded. Crazy. I will never use this word again since I met him because we are way beyond crazy. 

After my vegan chickpea burger came out and I started to eat my sweat potato fries I felt that I had to wash my hands first. Thank you Universe! So I went into the restaurant to wash my hands. On the way we had eye contact again. Fucking hell, this was so deep. I already had goosebumps while in the bathroom. On the way back to my plate I smiled at him and said "Enjoy!". This one word was obviously necessary to physically connect us. He didn't reply at all. Nothing. Whether a smile back nor a "thank you" or whatever. I was confused. I was so sure that he would be the special one. I continued eating my food. One minute later I felt like my own shade would start to come around my shoulder and approach me. He just asked me if I want to have company. Fucking hell, no hello and no smile at all. I got more confused. I struggled a bit at first but I knew it was for a reason. So he brought his dishes and sat in front of me. Wow! I mean. Wow! This eye contact. I felt like we were already corded with our gazes. These looks were so deep I completely lost my appetite.

I guess we totally skipped this introduction part. His name was Shamiz. He was born in India and raised in New Zealand. His appearance was just different than I expected. But I love to be surprised by you, dear Universe! So we started to talk about veganism. This was the first thing that we had in common because I just went vegan. And he was the best human being I could live next to I could not even imagine. Because he was already vegan for five years. And his life was not always that easy. Whit that easy I mean that he is now a very successful health coach for digestive diseases. So basically he helps people to help themselves because of digestive problems. And he had Ulcerative Colitis. Which means that he was about to die five years ago when he got his diagnosis back in Japan. The doctors wanted to make him take their medication and they told him that he would die if he didn't agree. But his family was more intelligent and way stronger than this stupid white lab coated idiots. So they fooled the doctors. They researched alternative methods on the internet and decided to try out a plant based diet to save his life. And it worked. 

Well, I prefer to call him healer because I think this is the only title that he ever deserves in this beautiful life. He told me his story in a very short form because he was maybe not sure how interested I was in him from the very beginning. But I was just overwhelmed. And I am so happy that we got not abstracted by our bodies. It was a soul match! Finally. After all this sitting, waiting, wishing days. We were just grinning all over our faces for the whole conversation. We had an amazing chat in that restaurant. But we forgot that we were in a restaurant anymore or that there was time or something like that. So he invited me to his place to continue the conversation. I know what you are thinking now. Well, it was not exactly like this, but yeah kind of. Wait for it. He is a cyclist so he carried his bicycle with him while I was walking. All the way to his place I was thinking about the trip I booked for the next early morning. And I was thinking about condoms. 

So of course the Universe let me pick a hostel which was like a five minute walk away from the place he stayed. Who still believes in coincidences is now ready to press the X of this browser. Thank you. On the way to the hostel we were talking about energy. And that we are sure that the energy brought us together. I even told him that I knew that I would meet him and that nothing really shocks me anymore. I was talking about my journey until this moment. And then I told him about my deep desire to finally meet someone who is vegan as fuck and into health and fitness. He grabbed my hand and put it to his pants. He had a boner. He had a fucking boner because I was talking about being vegan and healthy. Oh my gosh! We really need the condoms. So we ended up at my hostel. And of course the Universe was in perfect timing. So as he was waiting in front of the door it started raining like hell. Fucking hell. Monsoon rain in Thailand. 

Anyway we decided to go to his place as I opened my umbrella. It felt so annoying to carry my so called belongings with me and hold the umbrella. I wanted to just dance in the rain and feel the fresh drops on my naked arms. Water on my skin. So now comes the super exaggerated movie moment: I stoped at a little house with a roof to drop my stuff. I turned around to him. And then I kissed him. I kissed him so passionately in the rain like in The Notebook. Hahaha. What a feeling! He was so overwhelmed that he almost alternated. So much love. So much energy. I will never forget this moment. It was so pure and so true. I just couldn't hold myself back to kiss him the first time like this because I knew that our story would go into history books. So I did. Thank you! 

Well, everything that happened after is not really for the whole audience. But anyway, I felt that he was "the one". My mirror. Myself in another physical form. So I moved into his place. After the first night. And we stayed together and talked about all the shit we have been through in the past and in former relationships. It was almost so easy that I couldn't believe it was really happening. And after two weeks staying together he invited me to his family in India. I said yes. We booked a flight to Mumbai. After two weeks, guys. Magic happens when you believe in it. There was no such moment like it could be a mistake. I didn't question myself one thousand times before if it would be the right decision. I just went with the flow. And the flow got bigger and bigger every day.