Earth grows. Fire glows. Air blows. Water flows. And spirit knows.

Can you hear it coming? Do you feel it sneaking on tippy-toes behind you? Are you hearing the wind whistling? And then you suddenly turn around to see or find something? It's there. It's right there. Behind you. In front of you. But you can't see it. Because you're eyes are still closed. You are sleeping all your life. And now it the time to wake up. The prophecy will be fulfilled. 

I know it's hard to believe. Because it's the most perfect lie you could not ever think of. So how can you really think that there are humane things going on? Well, let me try to explain you that you've been brainwashed. What? Been brainwashed all my life? Yes, all your life. Another brick in the wall. And those who are ready to see they shall see. I can smell the revolution in the air. I can feel it coming as it's crawling down from my feet up to my head. It prickles my skin and leaves a shiver all over my human body. 

So there are some tasks for you if you really wanna see the true colours of the rainbow. You have to quit some things immediately. First of all is: Quit trying to please everyone in this world. Your need for approval is just your lack of attention to yourself. I promise you - as soon as you start to love yourself, yourself will love you back. You don't need the others. That's the first step. Go back to your own roots and find the answers within you. They are all there. Because the human code is all the same. We are all made out of the same material and we are all given the same tools. It's up to you what you are going to do with it. Secondly: Quit the fear of change! This is how they control you. I bet there were these moments in your life where you've decided something just in the moment. You just followed your gut feeling. And after you did this you probably created one of those lifetime memories. This is the magic. This is the myth of your soul. Your intuition leads you the way. Trust that feeling because your emotions are your weapons. 

I know it's hard to be vulnerable. It costs you all the secure walls you've built around yourself all the years. But it's worth it. It's fucking worth it because out of this pure vulnerability you can give birth to creativity. You can give birth to passion. And you can give birth to purpose. Don't fear the new era. The revolution is just the prophecy which will be fulfilled anyway. I just try to tell you that the more you believe in it the more you can feel the truth. Embrace it with all your given five senses. Feel it coming. Living in the past, putting yourself down and overthinking will not lead you to the happy confident person you truly want to be. Let it go. There is nothing to fear. The only demons you fear are in your head. Your mind creates this illusion to keep you occupied in a fake world. I love the sound of my feet walking away from things or people that are not meant for me. Hmm...

And when you start to feel the truth with all your senses you have to do it with much compassion. Please be gentle to yourself. It's like a fucking exorcism. Nobody said it will be easy. And nobody said it will be a white warm light shining from the sky to make you float in infinity. There are no sparkling blossoming flowers raining over you. It will hurt. But out of this pain you start to use your senses. You will be aware of your body. And you will be left speechless. You will cry the shit out of yourself. And you will scream. You will probably feel hate. But I call tell you that this is not hate. This is the beautiful pain of being alive. To go all the way through the spectrum of all the feelings. And the first thing you can finally allow yourself to do is: forgiving. Forgive yourself. 

Forgive anyone who has caused you pain or harm. Keep in mind that forgiving is not for others. It is for you. And please don't confuse forgiving with forgetting. It's more like remembering without anger. It frees up your power, heals your body, mind and spirit. Forgiveness opens up a pathway to a new place of peace where you can persist despite what has happened to you. And then the amazing process of healing can take place. The revolution starts within yourself. Healing isn't about changing who you are. It's about changing how you feel about who you are. Huge difference. This is really important to understand. 

I don't really know how this will end. I just know how it started. Because I can just see the world through my own eyes. And I finally removed all the sand out of them. I washed my face with the salty waterfalls coming out of my eyes. There was this day. This day where I couldn't get up out of the bed. I woke up and I knew that it had started. That I could no longer close up to the given signs and that I knew that I had to face my purpose. This day I had a really bad fever. I could neither eat nor move. I was just a slave to my own body crouching like an embryo trying to not lose my mind. I had the worst headache of my life. In this post I can not tell you too much because the time has not come yet. But I lost every single thought of identity that I could ever think of on this very day. 

I just wished for it to end soon. I was suffering so much. I could just drink water and crawl to the toilet. That's it. My head felt like a fresh mixed cocktail composed of razor blades and rat poison. And it was shaking. All the time. I couldn't believe what I found in myself. All alone in this bed in this room in this flat in this town in this country on this continent on this planet. It was all there. All the time. This fever was like a high. I felt like I was on drugs. My body was steaming. And then I knew that the pain will vanish. I have learnt so much about my body since I am fully responsible for myself that I could just settle my own self with this knowledge. It first has to get worse before it can get better.

After this terribly painful never ending day of 36 hours of fever I knew I made it. I survived. The first shower after this trip was incredibly magical. I felt the running water coming down over my forehead down to my naked vulnerable body was like a human waterfall of unconditional love. I washed away all the pain. And suddenly I felt better. As I dived in the pain before I then jumped in the fountain of existence. Thank you body for always staying focused. I love you for all the feelings you can feel. I am forever grateful to be able to go through all this pain to realise my health. Thank you so much!

Well, I don't know how to tell you just with these few human words given to me. But I know how to express it with my body. I can more demonstrate my massive love to the Universe through movement. Dancing in infinity. Singing for eternity. Loving with all my heart. This world is not bad. Just the glasses that we ourselves put on our eyes make the world seem mad. But once you remove these glasses you are free to see. The tears of the past shall no longer harm you. They are dried. And the energy that have come out of you is now a part of the Universe. This pattern of knowledge is connected to all the ancient people who ever walked over this Earth. We are like trees. Our tribes and branches and sticks are visible. But our roots are not. The invisible network that is below our feet. It's there. With every step on this planet you leave energy that you run back to the soil. And with every thought you think of you run new cosmic energy through your system. You are constantly running energy. But you are not aware of it. So this is why I wanna share my story with you. 

This is the only reason why I created this so called blog. It's an open diary. It's just me translating my thoughts into words into sentences to make a sense out of it. Since I started traveling at the beginning of this year I actually planed to discover places. And now I am ending up discovering myself. I'm not here for a long time. I am here for a good time. And my gift is to write down my thoughts. This is what I have been doing my whole life... And I will continue doing it. Because I will never lose faith in humanity. I believe in a so called better world. But I can just believe in it when I live it. So I am manifesting my life. I do visualise my future. I am a vivid and lucid dreamer and I know that these subconscious images are real. They are here to help me go through it. Since I can think I was always creating my own world. I was constantly focused on my life. But then I became a victim of society. And my path became dark. I think I lost some skills on this journey. But I know that I will get them back. All of them. And do you know why? Because I am not ashamed. I fucking don't feel shame. 

Get ready for a revolution. You may not hear or see it yet maybe just a few of us. But I promise you that it will happen. It takes time. Big things always take time. But it will happen. The stars are realigned for a new Golden Age. And you can start to help this beautiful Earth breathe up again by asking yourself: What am I grateful for?

Show your true colours. Be your own experiment. And see what happens when you start to be yourself. When you really start to be authentic. I know that I will take some time because yet you don't know who you are. And that's normal. That's part of the plan. You have to completely lose yourself and everything around you. Just then you can focus again. Now is the time to manifest your future. Write that shit down on a piece of paper with a pencil. To be honest, I think this is the only way that you can be sure of not be spied on. Visualise your future. Manifest your dreams. Write down in as many details as you can think of how you want to live. Dare to exaggerate. Everything that is ridiculously far away at the moment is possible. When you can dream it in your head you can live it in your life. 

And I am the living proof for it. I was always asking for a breakdown. For enlightenment. I was always wishing for that so called spiritual awakening. And I was patient. Fucking hell, I was patient. And still I am patient. It's hard sometimes and it freaks me out more often than it calms me down. But I know that it is for the highest good. My Higher Self and my true self are finally reunited. At last they know that the path is long but they are both aware of the beauty to come. First life makes you strong. And then it makes you beautiful. I was always asking for approval my whole life. I just wanted to be seen and loved. But I sold my soul. And I sold my body. And it still hurts. I see the scars daily. They remind me of the pain. But I know that these reminders are there for the highest good. 

Everything in life has to happen exactly how it did and exactly how it will. There is no such thing as coincidence. We are as free as everything is determined. It's up to us what we make out of it. Traveling is definitely a big help. But it depends more on your mindset than on your physical place on Earth. Try to meditate. Just give it a try. And try to go vegan. Just give it a try. Be unprejudiced. Try to let in the wave of new beginnings. Be in peace with yourself and allow yourself to explore new things. Because we can just become old and wise if we have been young and stupid before. 

We are all here for a reason. We are here to be seen and heard. Because we matter. Everyone of us. And we are all given a superpower. We are all gifted. Everyone of us is blessed. The only thing that holds you back from a new life and the life you live now is the fear itself. It's the ego wrapped in a fleshy body of fear. The prison is just in your mind. Free yourself from concern. You are just one little step away from a completely new life. Open yourself up to the next chapter. You were waiting for it so long. So finally let it in. All you have to do is one thing to achieve this: let go of your old life. Let go of your well known comfort zone. Let go of the stereo types. Let go of the conditionings. Let go of your ego. Let go of fear. Let go of the stupid feeling of truing to impress other people with something. They don't care. All they care about is themselves. Start with yourself. Try to really unconditionally love yourself first. Do it for yourself. There is no such thing as they like to call selfishness. This is just another trick to make you feel weak. To control you. Stand up for your rights. Stand up for your health. And stand up for the beautiful planet we all share. Create space for the amazing shift about to come. Let the warm white light in. Fill your mind with good vibes. Nourish your body with plants. And embrace yourself with unconditional love. 


A Native American prophecy tells us: "When the Earth is ravaged and the animals are dying, a new tribe of people shall come unto the Earth from many colours, classes, creeds and who by their actions and deeds shall make the Earth green again. They will be known as the Warriors of the Rainbow." Welcome to a new world. You are the one. Thank you for reading this. I love you.