Full Moon

The mystical forces are at work again. These powers of illumation. The one and only reason why we see light grey shadows in the darkness. She is always there but sometimes you can't see her. She has phases and she is connected with our emotions. She causes the tide and she is addicted to the sun. The father of all life. He gives her the light to shine. She is reflecting his radiation. They are like a team. But once a cycle she shines in all her glory. In the fullmoon night. 

In my world the sun and the moon are lovers. And they are just playing games with each other. They are appearing and rising and then they are hiding and vanishing again. And this is just what we perceive. Because they are just actually doing nothing else then then traveling in their orbit. So what if we do the same? What if we are just traveling in our own orbits and we see ourselves living, sleeping, eating and breathing? But actually we are just there. We are just beings. And we influence each other. Everyone has their own special super power. And in the day it comes to shine and in the night we are there to reflect our daylight.

Did you ever recognise that you act different in the day then in the night? Did you ever realise that you are a different person because of who reigns the sky? In the day you are the average person. You just do your thing and you don't feel really affected. Because everyone can see you. So you have to behave. But since the intesive yellow ball drops into the horizon and the darkness crawls behind you you change. When the moon rises your true self rises as well. The beast is unleashed. You feel pretty cozy in the darkness because nobody can really see you. They perceive your presence but they mostly can't see your true face. 

I remember this one Full Moon night in July. When I met a guy from the Netherlands. His hair was white and he had a not to be scoffed at white beard. So obviously he was quite old. We had a pretty intensive conversation miles apart from time or space. We were sitting in this beautiful commune in Ibiza just illuminated by the moonlight. We talked about the Universe and what it presents to us. About how we perceive the world and how easy or challeging life can be. He asked me a very simple question which is burnt in my head forever: "Life is a beautiful experience, isn't it?"

While I was talking to him his body completely disappeared. I was just caught by his look. Our eye contact connection was beyond this world. I felt that I knew him forever. I just know that his name is Andrew and that he is born on the 23rd of July. I don't know the year. But this doesn't matter. His soul was the one of a child. And he laughed about all the people who make their life so unneccessarily hard. He personated all human beings as ants. And he said that it's funny that we are really fighting about one leaf when there is a whole forest waiting for us. He told me that he believes that we are just bees flying from one flower to another. 

The moonlight was enchanting. He asked me to drive me home that night and I agreed. When he dropped me off his car stopped in the light of a street lamp. And just then I saw his face the first time. In the bright white light of this street lamp. Damn! He looked like God himself. I saw all his little wrinkles around the eyes. His face was marked by the experiences of his lifetime. And yet I still don't know how old he was. Because it doesn't matter. 

The mystical light of the moon in the starry sky creates a captivating atmosphere. Things seem different than in the daylight. The moon just charms everything. Suddenly things seem beautiful just the way they are. Or humans. Or situations. I am very grateful for the moonlight and that I can see the moon by night. That I am always super attracted and fascinated by her appearance. It leaves a very particular impact on me. I sometimes feel like if my skin absorbs the light of the moon and helps me to shine through the night. To enlighten my dreams. 

In a Full Moon night everything achieves the touch of something divine. Of something holistic. A magical myth. She reminds me of the transience of a moment. The moon is definitely female. I mean how could it not be? It's so seductive. Like a woman. Things happen that you actually didn't plan and you end up questioning yourself why they happened. I believe that just a deep gaze at the Full Moon by night reveals many mysteries inside yourself. It's a huge charge of energy. You just set everything to the start again. You can see it both ways, the start or the end of a cycle. For me a Full Moon night is always the start of something. Always optimistic. Always positive. The start of something new. Of something big. 

Manifest your wishes wisely in the Full Moon night. Because they are about to come true. Charge your crystals and clean your minerals. Inhale the pure divinity of a lifetime moment and exhale the astonishing power of your visualisations. Close your eyes and pick anything you want out of the Universe's catalogue. Be one with your dreams. Feel as they already came true. You have to feel it. The Universe can just respond to emotions. Not English, Hindi or Spanish. Just the deep vibrations of the frequency of your heart. Biochemistry. 

Tonight I manifest love. I manifest abundance. I manifest joy. I manifest peace. I manifest contentment. I manifest trust. I manifest life to the fullest. I manifest to say yes to life. I manifest to be one with my mind, body and soul. I manifest to create my own reality. I manifest the positive vibes of a beautiful lifetime. I manifest the pure and unconditional love from myself through myself to myself. 

I visualise my life in every detail how I want to live it. And I patiently await all the blessings while I am living a life full of love. Harmony. Freedom. Curiosity. I am grateful for this human experience and I am very excited about everything that is about to happen in the next Full Moon nights of my existence. It's the last Full Moon in 2017. And it's a Supermoon. A lunar explosion of light. Put all your powers together and create your own reality. The only possible reality. 

Thank you 2017 for all your blessings. I am so fucking thankful for everyone I met on my journey abroad. I am so fucking thankful for every opportunity I had and said yes to. I am so fucking thankful for all the lessons I learned and that I can move on to the next chapter. Thank you, dear Universe, for always making my wishes come true. I appreciate everything that you send me as a form of love. I want to serve you in the name of love and be your instrument as long as you need me. I will do whatever you want me to do. I am here. I am now. I am. 

I open my heart to the signs you give me and I accept the path you arranged for me in this life. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

I love you.