Things happen

There will never be a better moment than the Now. Life can just happen in the Now. You can just remember memories from the past or visualize dreams for your future - but there is just one moment to live: Now. Everything that is purely beautiful can just happen now. Every single second in this Universe is unique. You can actually never recreate an event because there will always be something that is different than before. And this is the reason why we have just one opportunity and that is to live now. Live fully. Live from day to day. Live in the moment. 

I think it is really interesting that the human brain is able to memorize so many things. I don't know how about you but I can remember every song text from every single I ever heard in the radio or on MTV when I was a child. Poems. I still have some poems in my head. And I often hear myself talking in my head as if it would feel like there is a red button I push on and then there comes a quote from me. I believe in the power of words. Because they are neccessary to describe. We could actually just communicate through body laguage because this is our one and first language. The language of energy. Energy is always honest. Energy never lies. Because it can't. And why? Because it happens automatically and completely authentic. Spontaneously. An impulsive reaction to another one's action. Isn't that beautiful?

Sometimes I try to emphasize into some people I see on the streets or in the train or just passing by through the park. I see them and I see the expression in their faces. I see all the stories written in wrinkles next to their eyes. The mouth mostly has a tendency to hang down. They walk with their shoulders hanging and gaze on the ground instead of watching all the beautiful things they are missing while watching their shoes doing their thing. I mean, I know that not everybody can be the same kind of happy and grateful but I just don't get it. I tell you about New Year's Eve. 

Me and my crew were celebrating at my best friend's house. After midnight we decided to drive to Berlin to crash another home party. We were 7 happy people. To stay in the mood we carried a little speaker with us and played along some songs. While sitting in the train. And all the passengers coming in and going out where just looking at us as if they just saw a group of aliens discovering fire for the first time. We were dancing. I started to sing along to every song that came up. As loud as I wanted Of course. As always. And there are some few people left who "understand". These are the old ladies or the two foreign guys sitting in the train grinning at you or smiling because they get your energy. But most of them were acting as this is something they have never seen before. And you know what? I bet they didn't. 

Don't give a fuck about people. Live now. Dance to that song. Sing along when your tune comes up in the radio. Turn it up when you are happy because your crush just answered to your picknick idea. Eat that cake. Buy that fucking bicycle and start today. Live now. But most of all: Decide! 

I just discovered that it's not always about the decision itself. Like it is not that important how things will show up later. It's more about the moment of being truly honest to yourself and take responsibility for yourself. That's what makes you feel alive. To be independent. Earn your own money. Pay your own bills. Do your own shit. And be aware of your actions. Try to see everything from the perspective of an omniscient narrator. Watch things happen. Because things happen. And you can always judge later if you would like to. But sometimes you just followed your gut feeling and it turned out to be the best decision. You maybe gained a lifetime experience that makes you wiser for your own than you could have ever imagined before. 

For me it was hard to trust first. I was always concerned. I was worried all the time. About things that would not happen in 99% of all cases. I was just not able to see the big fake dust that was smoking in the room. I was breathing in their lies all the time. And I believed in them to feel safe. But I was always to curious about things. How do things work? What will happen if I decide like this? Or like that? What is the chain reaction? Is there always a circle of life? I think so. We are just not able to see it. We need to use our hearts to see because our eyes are tired of seeing so many lies and so much fake fuck. It's an illusion. There are no limits. You can do anything. You just have to focus and deeply believe that it will happen if it is meant to be. And then relax and see things working out. 

Sometimes things happen and you ask yourself: Why the fuck is this happening to me? But life can be a freaky game changer if you question yourself like this: What is this trying to tell me? Because you cannot deny any longer that things happen exactly for you. Just for you. But so perfectly synchronized that all the other 8 billion human beings on this world have the same impression of it. It's perception. Only time will tell. You have to learn to wait. But don't see it as waiting. See it as you are doing anything you want while you are getting ready to receive your message from the Universe. You have to be available when your Higher Self wants to connect with you. Because then the time is right. Things happen. 

I can't stop complimenting people. I don't know when it really started but it became addictive. I don't know why this is so funny for me. But I just can't hold myself back when someone wears the perfect outfit or has the most amazing voice or smells like a fucking cinnamon cloud. Because when it happens spontaneously it just always feels right no matter what it's all about. Energy doesn't lie. You cannot fake a compliment. I mean obviously many people do this but they do it to other fake people and this is why they attract more fake people and end up hating themselves. And I know about this because I was one of these persons. And I feel horrible for this. When someone near me starts a gossip I honestly just turn around and say "No thanks". We should not talk about people. We should more talk about ideas. About visions. About talents. About strenghts. About beauty. 

There are these moments where I don't feel comfortable in my body or in my current life situation or in the bed I am sleeping at the moment. But life is a crazy trip. And your current situation is not your final destination. And everything happens for a reason. You just have to relax that you will surely get the deeper intention of the message you received. Signs are everywhere. Whether it's an angle or another time sphere. It is just so divinely perfect that everything is connected. And one day we will understand everything. But we need to unite again. We need to take more care of each other. Give each other more hugs. And kisses. And unconditional love. And the best thing: Karma pays you back! No worries. 

Don't question everything and think about something too long because mostly your gut decided in the first seconds subconsciously. And this is your soul sending energy to your body to let you know that your Higher Self is always guiding you. You can trust. Because in the end it will happen how it was suposed to be. And everything is perfect how it happens. And sometimes it feels not. And this is the moment where the Universe is teaching you how to improve yourself. Congratulations! You succeed! Just keep on going. Hang in for a while. Enjoy your solitude. Let the others do what they think is right and focus on your own life. And sooner or later things will figure out. As they always did. And as they always will. 

Just trust...