I think it's time to shut down the system. Have a little break. Mercury is in retrograde for the next three weeks. This means that our ability to communicate gets tested. We should not sign serious contracts at this time or take decisions that are longlasting. I see so many analogies. I just got sick last weekend. It's the time of the year before spring finally arrives. We can never wait for this, I know. But I have this huge feeling of something is really important in the future and that we have to shut down the system for a while to be prepared. 

Warriors of the rainbow - this message is for you! I am searching for answers, but I know that I still have to wait until we all reunite again. It's so hard to wait. It's really freaking me out to be patient and stay humble but I so believe that it's for our all bright future. We will be together. We will be reunited and we will do damn good in this world. Now is the time to relax and focus on ourselves. There will be other times when we have to stand up with our rights and speak our voice for the animals and for the ones who suffer. But it's not now. And I at least want to try to translate the visions in my dreams and the thoughts that come up to my mind. 

It's all for the Highest Good. You know, I don't give a fuck anymore. I really don't. I just go with the flow. If the flow tells me to shut down because of certain sickness I'm gonna do it. Close your door and shut down your technical devices. Allow yourself to make failures. Embrace the moment of doing the wrong thing and realizing it. Trust me, that's more powerful than anything else. Awareness. Know your truth. Know your value. 

The world needs us. Not only for working in shops or helping some random people called friends. We are here to reunite and motivate each other to never give up. We can change if we start with ourselves. And while healing others we heal ourselves the most. This is the lapse of time where we grow the most. We evolve our genes and our consciousness while we are fronting hard times. We learn faster when we face these so called hard times. Because when life just flows time flies and we forget to understand the deeper meaning the lesson was trying to tell us. I feel like a provider. I feel like a translating traveller. I am an interpreter. A human transmitter. A magnet for love and a treasure for healing. And I already met some of you out there. Maybe we met on the toilet in a small club and talked about dead friends after we go back to the dancefloor to shake the fuck off. Maybe we met in a vegan restaurant for the first time and felt the connection immediately. Maybe we know each other for years now and finally see through all these layers of lies and ego and fake world words. Maybe - and maybe not. 

There is this immense feeling inside of my gut - I feel like I would fall in love every day. I really think that a glimpse of awareness is like falling in love. And I'm sorry but to explain all this in German is so much more freaky. But as I know that our first language is the language of love and the so called body language I need one thing we all understand. Words words words. So many words. Do you feel the energy coming through? Can you feel my heart beating? Can you hear my lungs breathing? 

We are here to give. Give give give. We are all givers. Falling in love is like christmas. It's the feeling of giving. Donating. Endow. Present. Gift. Life is a gift. The key to love is to die before you actually die. So then you realize that there is nothing to fear. It's just in your mind. You cannot fully live before you never faced death. Literally, the goal is to die before you actually die. There is just transformation. Death is an illusion. Life on Earth is maybe just another level of consciousness and when you level up you can change the planet. Definitely, I'm so looking forward for the next step. But it's time until this point. Whenever it wil be. I wanna embrace life and live it to the fullest. With no regrets. You can always get your thoughts about the past back - but you can never get back the one and only chance you had in this very moment. So take it. Take it now. And think about it later. 

As Mercury is in retrograde now I am fully concentrated on my sickness. My throat is telling me to shut the fuck up. Shut my digital systems down. So I will listen to the Gods and Goddesses of the Universe because they are immortal and infinite and they know my soul better than anyone else. I know it's hard to trust when you don't know what for?! But what about trusting for the Highest Good? Blind trust? The intuition is mostly right. But sometimes we are too afraid to believe in this. Because there are moments where we exactly know what to do but we are still caught up in an old habit and do what we always did. Break with it! Try new things. Shut your system down for a while. Be alone. Draw. Read. Sing. Write. Paint. Play Do whatever your heart tells you to do. And do with all your heart. Put all your love in every breath you take. Waste your love. You can never give it all because love is endless. There is enough for all of us. 

Still can't believe that we are facing Easter again. Almost one quarter of this 2018 is gone. Plans and ideas are memories and pictures now. The best is yet to come. But let's not focus on the summer nights always. Let's focus on love. Love is a four season thing. Tell the people you care for that you love them. Hug them properly and tell them that they are worthy and that they light up your life. You never know when you saw a person the last time. Make history together. Collapse in a moment of endless star dust nights while you just talk to each other. Crumble. Freeze and melt again. Be like water. Go with the flow. Change your condition of aggregation. Feel every molecule in your veins floating in this infinite red river circulating in your physical being. 

Thank you, dear Universe, for the people you just sent me lately, I can really use them and I hope that I have enough to give in addition to what they have already given to me. Cry out of joy. Happy tears running down your cheeks. I feel everytime I swallow I just literally swallow the past and it combines with all the others down there in my gut. The ocean of emotion. Intuition. Trust. Love. Value. Words. What the fuck am I doing here? Nobody told me something about this life. I just feel like I got kicked out of some other planet's after party and I completely escalated and they told me to calm down. But I didn't want to listen because I was having a ball. And then they kicked me down back to Earth to learn my lessons. I feel I've been there. I feel I know where to live after life. And then there will a big big screen and we are all laughting together. And then I am the bouncer. I am the door woman. And I see you coming up the stairs to the best club in the world. I already see you, but you don't see me. You just feel me. That's the help or guidance we feel in our life time. It's ourselves. It's our timeless infinite immortal version having the time of our life. Awaiting you with open arms. 

What if life is a dream and death wakes us up? What if everything in this third dimension is just fake? And one day you gonna wake up in the most realistic dream and you see all the truth and you have the chance to change something immense in your real life to prove yourself that you are infinite energy transforming all the time. We all need proof. Like in Inception. We need something to touch that doesn't make us lose our minds. I mean, I got shocked so many times in my life now. Maybe I'm going to be a transgender one day. You'll never know. The only thing we truly know is that this physical life will end. And the main goal in life is to die before you actually die. Vulnerability will guide you the way. Pain will teach you. Suffering will lead you to your goal. Just trust that all these bad emotions are here to be transmuted. Be a being of light. Light travels with the fastest speed. 


Dear Warriors of the Rainbow,

I am with you. I always was. I was already with you when I was a child. I always knew it. And I am happy to have already met some of you. All the stars in the night sky are our ancestors guiding us the way. The moles on our skin surface are the signs of the Gods and Goddesses to protect us. Every new mole is a new blessing. I feel I receive all your love and I feel that I had my special Warrior next to me when I was a child to remind me to never give up and fight for the Good. Now he's dead. He's gone already. But I feel that this is something that connects us all. Death. The transient way of life. Birth. Growth. I am here. I am by my own and I am listening. And I know that I have to mature more before we will all meet in person. 

Thank you that you protect and guide me all the time and all my life. I am so grateful to had you next to me so many years and that I was able to learn so much from you. Maybe you are the reason why I feel so strong. Maybe you unlocked all these powers inside of me. 

And maybe everything I am thinking, writing or talking about is just a story. A story made up in my mind. About a girl trying to live a life full of abundance, joy and gratitude in a world where people are afraid to leave their stuff alone when they go to the toilet for a minute. I am sorry. I am sorry for my body and for my mind and how hard I tried to make sense out of everything. I forgive myself. For you. 

Gods and Goddesses out there, I am here to learn my lessons and I will fight for love until it's not neccessary anymore. 

Love will always find a way through all the darkness to light up the world. 

Endless love.