Let's go

Okay, Baby. It's time to start off the engine. It's time for the kick start. It's time to start...

I wanna be the best version of myself. I wanna be the Goddess that I deserve to be. I am so blessed to live this life and to have the ability to feel what I do. First I thought being an empath is a curse - but no, it's a fucking blessing. I am so blessed to be a highly sensitive person. I am so blessed to be a mood chameleon. I can just adjust to the energy around me. And I can transform it. And I just wanna transform everything into love. Pure and unconditional love. There are no borders. Whether physically nor mentally. You can achieve anything you want. I show you how.

It's actually pretty easy: you just have to let go. You just have to fucking trust the Universe and that it serves you what you deserve in the perfect moment and not one second before or two weeks later. Everything is connected. Everything is a part of the whole. You are a part of the whole. The whole Universe. You grow as you want to. If you want to stay in your hometown for the rest of your life it's up to you. But if you want to taste freedom and take some risks you have to let go. That's the first criterion. Let it go. Let go of the control you think you might have. There is no control at all. Relax.

I don't know how to tell you how I feel. It's more an intuitive insight to myself than something I could control. Even now I feel that some energy is just popping the keys and I am the puppet on the strings. I just do what my soul wants me to do. And I fucking love it. 

I embrace every second of my life. I embrace all the small things. I love to feel the syncronicities and all the chords coming together. I really feel like I finally know what to do. Nothing: Just relax. I mean it. Literally. Don't do nothing. I don't mean that you are like a passive puppet in your life which is forced to do what the body tells you to do. I actually mean that you should lean back. I know that it sounds weird because especially in Germany you were raised to use your power in your career and everyday-life. But I will tell you a story:

When I came back from India to Germany I didn't know nothing. I didn't know where to sleep nor where to live. I didn't have any plan at all. But one thing I learned while I was travelling: I have to trust. Because my intuition is my spirit guide to the purpose I want to fulfill. So I do. I do surrender. I do surrender to my soul. Because it knows everything from all the past lives - so I just have to be patient and take all the lessons. I have to. Because it's my purpose. Sorry, I come back to the story: Well, as you might know now I am a vegan babe. It's almost a year ago. Too crazy. Anyway. I prayed for a vegan job when I come back to Germany. While I was away the first vegan café in my town opened. Nice. So I applied and one week later I had the contract. Everything seemed to work out. But as you can imagine there comes a but. BUT - my boss turned out to be a horrible bitch. Sorry babe. But you honestly have no ability to lead. And I do have. So I worked my ass off for some woman who didn't care the shit about me. But I had to surrender. I had to give in and take what the Universe did serve me. Four months later she fired me. Because I am too extra. I am too loud. I am too happy?

Thank God she fired me. Because where one door closes another one opens. So the other door was my door. Definitely. All the chords were coming together. She fired me and I had two weeks of paid vacation (don't know the expression, sorry bros). On my last day of paid vacation I had a trial at the sweet tiny café which sells cupcakes. The next day she invited me to sign the contract. No day without job. Seamless transition. 

Now I feel like: how the fuck could I endanger my health for someone who is about to replace me in one fucking day? Thank you Universe for all the signs. Now I get the same money for half the stress. What the fuck? I prayed for this. 

I wanted to quit my job but I was afraid because then I had to face my career again. And I am not sure what is best for me. So I let go fo the contro. I said to the Universe that it will serve me the job that really fits my pesonality. And it does. It fucking does. I am so happy fo just sell cupcakes for a thirty year old girl who allows me to be who I  really am. I am not interested in money. I am interested in connections. I am interested in love. Deep love. Unconditional love. Pure love. Love without boundaries. 

Everything you want to receive you can attract. You are the magnet of what you want to have in your life. Reflecting my life situation I knew that I had to take the vegan job because I had to pay back my debts. And after I did she fired me. Everything is connected. Everything is in perfect alignment with my highest puropse. I just trust. I trust so deeply that it starts to hurt. I finally let go of the control. There is nothing to control. There is just life to experience. And life can be fucking short. You never know when you are about to take your last breath. So waste your love. Please waste your love because you will get it back double. 

I am not jealous of all the people I know which already moved in with their partners. I am so proud to take my time to develop myself and get to know my deepest self. And after I really got to know self-love I might be ready for someone to share it with. And I am a hopeless romantic. So I will completely freak out when I will face my accessory. I don't need a boyfriend or a part time partner. I am looking fo rmy accessory. Someone who is about to burn the fucking house down with me. Someone who wants go wild with me on every level. And I have time until I meet this person. It's not me. I already and finally met myself and I start to love myself more every damn day. I look in the mirror. I look into my eyes. I soul gaze with myself. I am in deep connection with my soul and my purpose. And the more I get aware of what I want the more I see how stupuid I was before. But who can be wise and old one day if they never were dumb and young before? 

Let's start to make failures. Let's me imperfect. Let's start to let go. Let's go. Fucking let's go.

Don't be afraid. You have great things to come. There is so much left that you will never know is about to happen for you. Friendly reminder: I am writing this blog for myself to motivate me to keep on working on myself to finally achieve what I deserve in this life. And when I did I will show you all the way. Becasue I love to share. And you deserve to know the truth. But I will test it out for you so that you can trust me Sp that you can trust in the Universe. I know it's hard in the beginning but you have to let go. If you still are attached to things or people you will never achieve pure freedom. You have to surrender. You have to let go. There is no other way. For me there is no way back. 

It just goes on. And I love it. I want to grow as much as possible. I want to help as many people as I can to heal themselves. And this will lead to helping to heal other people and finally this will lead to save the world. #indigo

Find the others: I know that we will all meet one day. I already had the vision in my mind. Surrounded by all of you. Crying and screaming as hell. And connected like never before. I know that this will happen. And until it happens I am here to learn my lessons and work on myself. Can't wait tho. But I know that gratitude is one side of the coin. The other side is patience. Be patient. 

Today one year ago I started this blog. I went online. My thoughts went viral. And I can't stop it anymore. So I just go with the flow and start to see myself in my true colours. I know that I have weaknesses but I already started to embrace them. And everything seems to fit me later. I know that I still focus much onh the future but I am so excited to use my positive energy to help as many people as possible in my human time on Earth.

Thank you , thank you, thank you for everything that is already in my life and for everything about to come.

Universe, I know that uou are listening and I know that you feel what I want to express. So gimme more of that shit. I really start to love the super impulsive life. Thank you so much I am so relaxed. Try yoga by the way. It helps you find your balance and gets you in shape at the same time. Amazing thing. 

Love! Breathe! Feel! And do whatever feels good for you at the moment. Because that means that you are in vibrational alignment with your soul. And that means that you don't have to fear anything. Just let go. Life is waiting for you. I love you!