Thank you

Dear Universe,


I just wanna say thank you for your lessons. I know that you didn't want to hurt me, but it was painful indeed. I felt your anger and I know that it was a reflection of myself all the time. Thank you for opening up that much so I could see my true colors. The colors of the rainbow. But there is no rainbow without rain and storm and clouds and wind. So I wanna say thank you for the weather and that it changed. The season had to change for a reason. 

Thank you so much for everything you are teaching me at the moment. I know that I can trust myself because that's why I trust you. You are me and I am you. We are all one. And one day you will maybe all know what I am talking about all the time. I am just so ridiculously grateful for the people in my life and the support I receive at the moment. Thank you so much, really! You help me realize my dreams. And I know that there is no gain without pain. It has to hurt so that you can be conscious of it. Maybe some of you learn differently but me personally, I learn through pain. Shoutout to all the scars reminding me of the experiences. 

Karma doesn't know a thing about time or man. Karma is just interested in fulfilling the purpose. Karma is here to help you find you way. And when it hurts the most you can get more aware of your true path and you can reorder and readjust everything. Karma is here to help you, it's a good thing. I learned much about Karma recently. I don't need to tell you details, but the circle of giving and taking is always fair. No worries. If you think your Karma is good enough you will never have to worry. But the Universe understands when you try to fuck with it. It's the energy, Baby. There is nothing to hide. You can't lie. 

Thank you, dear Universe, for always staying true with me and kicking my ass. I needed it. Now I am back on track. I was a bit off the road and I had to figure out things that made me question everything even more. So I took the time to prepare something for you out there. As I am growing I want to see the changes and I love to see how fast things grow. I just remember myself sitting in Rome while starting this blog. And one year later I am up to so many new things. I am so excited about everything that is still coming into my life. But I know that I am finally becoming one with the Universe and that everything happens for a reason.

Literally, I feel like I've been playing this game all my 24 years long and didn't know a thing about the fucking rules so far. But then some higher power sent me some gut feelings, lacks of communication and some shocking news. Let's say the last two years felt like constant growing ten times more. I am exhausted. But on the other hand I am so fucking grateful to be alive and feel everything. The more I am getting in touch with my physical being the more I can understand the myths of my spiritual being and that I am not the body. I live inside of my body. My soul is this infinite energy pulsing and vibrating inside of the bottom of my heart. The waves are getting bigger and bigger and I'm gonna shift the whole energy inside the damn room when I walk in. 

I feel like the dreams are getting more clear and my intentions are sharping every day. Sometimes I have to risk things. I have to be brave. Mostly. And then I have to pay the bills for my actions. That's the best process. Learning. Constantly learning. Learning will continue until we die because when we are alive there are lessons to be learnt. Calm down, nothing is under control. The only thing you can control is your thoughts. Learn to master it and you can take all of the world with both hands open. Just trust. I know it's hard in the beginning but when you see things falling into place you know what I'm talking about. 

So I just continue doing what I do and I am so excited to take more actions towards my big life goal: unconditional love. Love myself. Love the others. Love the world we live in. Don't make it a bad place. It's your outer world. It's a reflection of your inner world. What you perceive to be is your reality. I just want to tell you that you sometimes have to wait like 4 years and nothing really happens. And in the fifth year suddenly everything is changing. This is because you asked for it. Don't be surprised when the Universe is about to give you what you want. Be ready for you blessings. Open your arms and palms and close your eyes. Inhale. Focus on your breathing. How your pretty lungs fill with oxygen while you translate it into pure love before you put it out again in the Universe. Exhale. We are all connected. And we are all exchanging. 

I am so in love with the process that I am a bit concerned about reaching my goal someday... Really. That's something I already recognized. That moment when a dream comes true. It's the most scary thing on Earth. Because you get the proof that your prayers are heard. Beautiful world we live in. As above, so below. 


I love you!