Release me

I am too full of life to be half loved. So we love to give. There is no other sense to it. 

And I trust that everything will happen in the exact perfect timing and that there will be no other possibility. It just happens as it happens. How it was supposed to be. When you accept that - you accept life. And when you accept life you accept everything that comes to you. Because it is meant especially for you. Everything that happens just happens for you. To teach you. To make you aware. To maybe enlighten you. To make you conscious. To make you present. To make you real. Fuck yes!

Everybody is always trying to find the right person. But we forget that we are not trying to be the right person ourselves. You can only attract what you are. When you are love you will just attract love. But when you are concerned with conditionings, how can you then love? I mean, you can. But you will just scratch the surface of what is waiting for you. Open up. Open up your mind. I opened up a window in my mind. And I saw that the rain is gone. 

Mars is in retrograde, Bitches. Watch your actions. Think before you speak or act impulsively. Pay attention to what you really desire. There will be intense emotions. Buried anger and resentments. Live with the planets. Live with nature. Live with yourself. Go through everything that is trying to find its way into your consciousness. Don't block it anymore. Release me!

I trust the next chapter because I know the author. Hahaha. Life is fucking amazing. It can be. You just have to decide. Focus on what you really want and it becomes real. You need crystal clear clarity to clean your mind from all the stuff that bothers you. Be the master of your mind and take care of yourself. Your life will take care of itself then. And once you noticed the change you will know what true freedom feels like. 

Sometimes I reflect on the past and I see all the chords of these perfectly winged synchronicities. And I have to admit that I sometimes refuse to let you go. But letting go teaches me a lot about myself. It helps me focus on what is really important in life. It sharpens my view. The only thing that ever really changed was the view. Now I know I'll never be the same 'cause of you. It's been a long long time since I had you near. And now that you're so close. So long since I had you near. So close. What I need the most. Some time away from here. Bittersweet symphony. 

I feel closer than I've ever been. Banging on the door until someone lets me in. You see regrets begin. Change the system or just let it be. 

Damn, I am so grateful for you. And you. And you. All of you. You helped me so much. And it was a pleasure to meet you and guide you on your path as well. We are here to inspire each other to better ourselves. We are so strong when we unite. We are here to help each other. Not to be in competition. When did all this happen? When did we lost our senses? When did we get so blind? 

I just wanna become the best version of myself. I wanna help you help yourself so that I can help me and we can help each other and all the others helping themselves and each other. It's a beautiful circle. And we will be one again. Forever. Until eternity. Because time is an illusion. It's an agreement that someone made a long time ago. All we got it right now. Let's live. Let's celebrate. Let's dance. Let's kiss. Let's hug. Let's treat each other right. Less human more being. I feel it coming. I am so close to the break through. This feeling of anticipation. But I need to stay patient. And humble. And grateful. Grateful as fuck. 

Thank you life for all your blessings! I catch myself crying all day every day. Overflowing love. My soul is bursting through my skin. I wanna live a life that causes my soul to dance inside of my body. Move always. Feel your body. It's your gift. It's yours for the entire time your here. It's your home. Thank you body, you do amazing work! We can almost celebrate our 25th round around the sun. Moon. Moonlight. Universe. Nebula. Glitter. Oh Lord...

Thank you, thank you, thank you, beloved Universe, I am your biggest fan. Nice to be your partner in crime. Life is short compared to the immense and vast energy of the whole Universe. Let's start some divine shit outta here. I am ready. What about you?

Wanna go on a trip with me?