Freqs of Nature

Dear Universe,


I am so forever grateful to had the opportunity to attend this festival. This weekend of madness. This letting to of all and everything I already thought was still holding me back. I am just grateful. And empty. I am so tired of giving. I just give and give and give and give and I totally forgot to recharge my batteries. I've been to a music & arts festival the last few days. It was beautiful yet painful. The awareness of my true self and the ability to see through all the layers... that shit hit deep. 

I know for sure that I did many things for the last time in my life. And I knew it before but I needed this time away from my normal life to realize this. And I am grateful to have the knowledge now. Nobody can steal my experiences. Nobody can take away my personality. Nobody can be me. Now I can finally focus on what is important in my life. I will follow my dreams and focus on my goals. I know that I have the power to do this. I met so many people who's mood depends on another one's. No, thank you. That whole "I don't care" act is dead and tired. You don't have any emotions? Cool. Go seek therapy and be toxic somewhere else. I don't have time or energy left to fill your wounds with my gold. You have to do it yourself. All I can do is help you to help yourself. 

My favorite type of people are those broken souls who didn't let pain turn them cold, instead they used that shit to inspire others. You got a portable paradise within you. Meditate and tune into that. Because you are worth your own energy. Why are you putting so much effort into others and forget yourself all the time? Because you still need that attention. Why do you still need it? Because you don't love yourself enough. It's that easy. Focus on yourself. Without being egoistic. Find the balance between helping yourself and helping others. Sometimes others need more of your energy because you have it and you can share it. And other times you feel empty and can reload your energy with someone else's. And that's the healing circle. That's the power of human beings. 

I just wanna be with myself and focus on my dreams. I don't wanna tell you I don't wanna spend time with you anymore - but I truly know now that I have to protect my energy from some of you out there. You may now be aware of this already, but I will let you go. And you as well. And you. And some parts of me. And the past. And the lack of attention. And the need for always speaking my truth. It's not necessary anymore. Everything that is truly meant for me will come into my life at the perfect time. And I am now ready to be patient. Because I understood the rules of life in my certain development of consciousness. Thank you. 

I received the blessings. I know that the chapter is over. And I know that I will now focus on myself more. There is nothing to hide. There is nothing to claim. There is nothing to talk about. There is just love left. I don't have time for anything else than love. Thank you.

I am ready. I am love. I am me.