Girl on Fire

Breathe in. Breathe out. All is coming. Everything is suddenly falling into place. It all begins to make sense. Again and again. The spiral of life. Coming out of a circle. Going into a triangle. And this triangle is the fire. Feel it burning deep down inside of you. Coming from a small flame now it's about to burn the whole being down. Death. Death to the known. Birth. Give birth to the unknown. Receive the new energy that is entering your life right now. Da Moon is in tune. 

Don't be afraid said the cat. Sitting on a tiny branch of this huge tree in front of you. You look up to this majestic creature and while you look in her eyes you question everything. Why? Because of love. Oneness. Love is the answer. Always. The meeting of two souls is like the contact of two chemical substances. If there is any reaction, both are transformed. Crash. This is happening all the time. The deeper the connection the deeper the transformation. As above so below. It's the Yin and Yang theory. All the time. There is nothing to understand. Life is just here to feel. To be felt. And to be experienced. To be. Is to be. Just be. This girl is on fire. 

I want this energy. I want it right now. I feel it. Life is so easy if you are humble enough to surrender to these small little rules. The Universe is here forever. And we are here for a very short time. Compared to the age of the whole cosmos. But how can we know? How can someone be sure of something? I believe that you are just as smart as your state of consciousness allows you to be in that chapter of your life. You can evolve if you want to. You can taste a little sip of being God. Because you are. Can you feel it? When you run? When you breathe in very sharply? When you move? When you dance? When you take a cold shower? When you hear him breathing next to your ear? When your belly hurts because you laughed so hard? When your heart beats faster when you look in her eyes? When you literally feel forced to be in the moment? When you maybe are afraid of something? This is your intuition trying to reach you. It wants to transform. It's knocking at your door all the time. And you? You are not tired - you are just uninspired. 

Set some goals. Make a list. Write shit down. Get shit done. And then throw it away when shit is done. And then do it again. And again. Until you realize that it works. And then you start to trust in the whole fucking process. I just wanna reach spiritual wisdom, that's my only goal in life. I just want to know how I can be the most creative and live fully. I am on fire. I always was. But my flame won't be a candle for no longer. Open your heart. The love is waiting for you. Not out there. It's inside of you. It's you all the time. Because another person is just a reflection of you. A reflection of your personal state of being. A reflection of your own level of consciousness. Who do you wanna meet? Who do you wanna be with? Who do you wanna be surrounded by? You attract who you are.

Every person who is sent in your life is your teacher. While you are the teacher of this very person. And you can transform together if you want to. For a short time or for a longer one. Some you meet in your daily life. Random people. Strangers. Strangers are just friends that you don't know yet. Everyone is kind. It's just that most people are shy. They have anxiety. They feel fear behind every corner. They don't want to be rejected. Nobody wants to be rejected. But I don't give a shit anymore. I just talk to everyone. In the supermarket. Next to the tomatoes. I just wish people in the park a nice day. I love to say that some girl's shirt looks perfect with her eye color. I love to be love. I love to share love. I love to exchange love. I love it when people accept my love. The circle of love. The Universe and you are one. You are the Universe itself. You are just one of 8 billion appearances of it. And sometimes you meet someone special. 

It feels like it's been far to long. You just have to surrender to love. Sooner or later. It will hit you like a bullet. Shot by love. Them tell you can't escape. You can't mistake it when love knocks you down. Now my heart is yours unarmed and open. You took my barrier down. I am overflowing. Like a volcano. 

When many people believe in the same thing - it happens. That's the power of energy that we have. With our thoughts. With our emotions. And with our intentions. We have good ones and bad ones. And the good ones just feel amazing while the bad ones leave a bad taste in our mouth. So let's start to vibrate higher together. Every thought has a magnetic frequency which is sent out to the Universe. So when you feel anxiety, shame, guilt or hate... Damn, you vibrate low. Like 100 to 400. That's exhausting for your body. Because you are not yet able to transform these feelings into the good ones. Compassion, joy, luck, passion, love, unity. These are feelings that you wanna have. Because they excite your being. Then you start to vibrate between 500 and 1000. And this is just a comparison to the light spectrum. It's science. The Universe is both spirit and science. And the higher you vibrate the more love you will attract into your life. 

I will never forget our first kiss. Under this big tree. The water reflecting on the back of the leaves. You. Me. Wet from the water. Eyes on fire. Your touch left me electrified. I am on fire. Fucking on fire. Ready for everything entering her life. Ready to receive more blessings while realizing that giving is actually taking. Let your heart rate freak out. Feel the goosebumps coming. Down from your back and up to your head again. Let the love in.

At some point you have to let go of what you think should happen and live in what is truly happening. No one wants to face reality, especially when it's not what you want. But in accepting the real, you find the way to move toward better. Use what you have and create the life you want. Don't put time limits or limitations on your progress. Just continue on your path. Do the best you can and trust yourself. Accept your wonderful talents and abilities and put them to good use, allowing yourself to shine. You are a powerful creator. Tune in. Get up. Vibrate higher. 


Why? Because it works.