Evolve yourself

Learning is a never ending story. You are on this planet because you have stuff to learn. You have to gain experiences and you have to grow. You have to shift and you have to evolve your consciousness. And in between you call this experience life. 

There is nothing we can truly know in this life. We can just believe in something and the more we believe in it the more it becomes our reality. The outer world is an illusion. It's the perfect illusion of what you personally perceive in this world. Things are not as you they are. Things are as you see them. You yourself. We ourselves. We see things the way we want to see them. And that's the most beautiful fact about humanity. That we can change. We can change our perception which mostly leads to a shift in our consciousness. You can have any goals you want in life. But be sure about one thing - what if you reach your goal?

We want more and more all the time. And we want it right now. The older we get the more we know that peace is everything. Silence is golden. And balance is the key to a happy and healthy life. But how to achieve all this? Well, make mistakes. Now is the time to make mistakes. Make as much as possible. A mistake which makes you humble is better than an achievement that makes you arrogant. This is the moment you learn. Something doesn't feel right in your relationship? Something isn't the way you imagined? You don't feel very comfortable in your own skin? You don't really feel well at work? Start with yourself. This is the only answer to all your questions. 

Everything that you are searching for in the outer world is a lack of peace in your inner world. The more things you think you have to buy the less you happy you are within your soul. The outer world is just a reflection of your inner world. You could compare the outer world with your consciousness. And the inner world is your subconsciousness. This "thing" that gives you signs in your sleep and that talks to you in your head. This is your soul man. Your consciousness is just what all the people told you to believe in. You have been brain washed your whole life. And me either. But we can change. If we want to. 

We are not from this Earth. We are just on this Earth to enjoy it. This was the only purpose once. But nowadays everyone tries to abuse another one in a nice way. This is the reason for my why I started to isolate. Most of you mostly think that attention is love and this is the reason why you suffer so much. Love is nothing you can reach. You cannot achieve love. You can achieve a boy or a wife or a house or a boat. But you can't achieve love. You can be love. Love is a state of mind. Love is state of being. Love is a state of consciousness. And love is the highest level of consciousness. 

The world is merely acting out a symbolic scenario that each one here agreed to participate in before they ever appeared to arrive. 

Earth is a school for mastering how to manipulate energy. We all begin with God and are sent out to learn and experience. Many other planets have easier courses of learning. The Earth school is the most difficult in the Universe - only the bravest souls sign on for this assignment. Our path is like a giant circle with no beginning and no end. We are eternal - our spirits can never die or be destroyed. We are fellow travelers in this game of life and our destinies are intertwined. 

Don't be afraid of shining your light. Don't be afraid of being powerful. Don't be afraid of being more special.

The thing is - actually we are one. Really. Like there is no duality. There is just life. There is just you. And me. And we are one. This is how life started to grow on this planet. The Universe is so fucking old that it decided to evolve its consciousness. And through light years and years and decades and boulder periods and the crumble of many many stars we started to divide. This is biology. And we evolved more and more and more. Started from the bottom now we're here. 

All humans share one spirit. All humans share one consciousness. But yet they wanna be separated. They don't realize that all humans share one huge pool of consciousness. Of thought. All humans' thought vibrate at a certain frequency. We are all in communication. You know when you exhale I breathe in the air you breathe. We are all together. This is the way nature designed it. We will be sharing the Earth together. Let's go back to nature. Let's go back to ourselves. First we have to master the mind. We need to reprogram this brain and then we can see again. With our hearts. Everything in this world comes from the spirit. The reason why nature is alive is because of spirit. Because of manifesting constantly. So the air we breathe comes from the spirit. This energy is our life source. All we need is dedication. 

It is said that wisdom lies in not seeing things - but seeing through things. And the service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth. We are all here together. And our spirit always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind. To be the observer of your thoughts. To be the watcher of your actions. And to be the witness of your own life. You are just light. Light in a body. Light wrapped in skin. 


Care without expectation. 

Love without condition. 

Talk without intention. 

Give without reason.


Life is a spiral. 

You will never reach the end.

You will just end up seeing more deeply.