Stay patient

The life you are manifesting is about to enter your life. 

Please hold the line a little longer. Stay patient and present. Be aware of the signs. Pay attention to the light that wants to enter your being. The immortal life source that flows through your veins. The sound of your own breath in the back of your head when you wear head phones or ear plugs. Solitude is key. 

I barely can't wait any longer to finally move into my very own first apartment. The Universe knows that I need more space. More space to create. More space to be calm. More space to heal. 

As long as I can think I want to live alone. I choose to be alone in the first place and let my being be surrounded by others from time to time. But I truly believe in the power of solitude. Of isolation. And of getting in touch with your higher self. With the energy all around us. As above so below. 

But sometimes the Universe saves your ass. It does these things that just seem not right but later on in life you know who to thank for this. The Universe. It's your guide and your best friend. It's your light and your shade. It's always there, always will be there and had ever been there. Here and there and this and that. Black matter. White matter. Universal rainbow matter. Atoms. Neutrons. Protons. Electrons. All these super small not visible for the human eye biochemical compounds. The connection that flows through the air. That is in every wave. Every heartbeat is an own love song in terms of frequency. 

As long as I'm living - I just want to raise the vibration. I really love doing this. That's my purpose. I don't give a fuck what kind of profession I do. I love to work always, because it gives me this stupid feeling of abundance and independence. But I don't want to be independent to something. Because this is a dependence as well. It's all about interdependence. All and everything is connected. 

Every thought has a frequency. Every emotion sends out a vibration. Every plan has its own soul string. 

And all living beings in this multiverse are connected. They don't need time. They don't need space. Maybe sometimes you feel the emotions of your ancestors hundreds of years ago and you don't know why you having strange dreams lately, but maybe your subconscious is revealing old secrets. Buried within your birth code. We are all stars wrapped in skin. And the light we are searching has always be within.

Thank you so much, beloved Universe, for always having my back and to help me grow and shift. Because evaluation and development is all I want to achieve in this lifetime. I wanna heal my past wounds and renew my physical and mental structures. I want to heal completely. I want to heal all the past traumas. From all the relatives whos blood I carry on. My body is a vessel. The perception of the self is a trap. All you see in the physical world is matter. And everything that you need to know lays inside of you. You just have to become silent enough to listen to your thoughts again. To listen to yourself again. To listen again. To really listen. Listen to the beating of your heart and try to feel what it wants to tell you with these waves. 

It's hard these days 'cause we get distracted by everyone and everything. Plug off. Sound off. Flight mode. Shut down. Close doors. Stay calm. Be present. And listen. 

That's the real super power of the twenty first century. We don't need more people who invent crazy stupid convenience shit. We need healers. We need prayers. We need lovers. We need humans. 

All I am trying to say is to stay patient. It took the cosmos about a billion years of crashing, crumbling and resetting all the splinters. So take your time as well. I know you want the proof now. I know you are afraid to take decisions. I know that you are tired of this fucking date game. I know you. I feel you. And I see you. I see through myself and through you and all I see is light. 

Take a break. Take your time. Things take time. Allow them to open your mind for new perspectives. There are so many more ways to evolve than you can barely imagine at this very moment. Let the Universe guide you and hold your hand. Everything that is truly meant to be will always come into your life and eventually will stay. And if not it was a lesson to learn. As long as you remember the lesson when it shows up the next time so you don't fool yourself over and over again. Be honest. Brutally honest. I know it hurts. I know you are tired. I know you are fed up. But stay patient. It's all a matter of time. And inbetween live your life. Don't strive for perfection. Just be. Be the flow. Find your balance. Try it. Again and again. You can start over every single fucking morning. Becoming a morning person is the most valuable and healthiest lifestyle decision you could take. Waking up with a fresh mind and a sense of divinity will blast up your life. Enjoy the whole process. You cannot love or hate anything about yourself from your past experiences because this is just what creates you. You are all your experiences. And all your not even at all formed visions. 

Be the diamond. Let the light in and let the love out. 

Take three deep breaths. Hold in the air a few seconds before you let go. Breathe in the love. Think about what you wanna put out in the world. And exhale the truth.

The sun, the moon and the truth - three things that can't be hidden for too long. 

I am present. 

I am here.

I am. 


Thank you, I love you!