Whatever life may throw at you it's your own responsibility how you react to it. Read that again.


People run around with all kinds of diseases. Most of them are not even aware of them. Most of them suppress them. Some of them do it consciously. Most of them do it unconsciously. I am one of them who have suppressed them consciously. With some of the most harmful substances possible. And we consume them daily. Coffee, cigarettes, white sugar, unsaturated fatty acids, drugs, sex, work, and so on and so on. You know what I'm talking about. So for me and for now is the time to let go. Fully. Let go of what doesn't serve me in the first place of health. Mental health, physical health and emotional health. Because as you grow older and become more mature you will come to the realisation that your health is the most important fact in life.

All my life people wanted to tell me what to do. How to be. How to feel. How to eat. How to dress. Even how to love. This is not working for me anymore. I wanna heal. I wanna heal past trauma. And sure it's work to do. Because we have the spiritual work to do as well to come to the magnificent point of Elevation. Elevation is the supernatural feeling of rising. Rising and shining. Shining in your brightest colours. Colours you didn't even knew they exist. But they do. It's all inside of you. Waiting for you to start the path of seeking. Waiting for you to start accepting. Waiting for you to love your soul unconditionally.

This energetic life source that comes from the deepest place of your heart is your petrol. Biochemical petrol pulsing through your veines. Goosebumps all over. I wanna feel alive again. I wanna feel the heartbeat of the Universe flowing through my blood. I wanna feel the passion of my soul exploding in hugs, kisses and smiles. I wanna feel alive again. So I decided. I made a decision. Long time ago. Maybe even before I entered this vessel called body. Whatever life may throw at me it's my own responsibility how to react to it. Maybe you have read my last post about Healing. Well, now I am going to therapy and I don't have any bad feelings talking about it. It's a wonderful thing to be able to accept help. Well, no. In my case, to seek help and then accept it. Because when it doesn't come from the depth of your heart how can you be sure that it is true?

I wanna feel from the depth of my heart. I wanna love from the depth of my heart. And I wanna dance the graceful flight of infinity with the love from the depth of my heart. I am so in love. In love with the world I am creating for myself. In love with the home I am creating for myself. Body and appartment. I am just overflowing with gratitude at the moment. Because I can finally be honest to myself. And I can't deny it any longer. I have to admit that I lied a lot. Because I didn't know how to be honest. Because everyone around me was lying. No offense. You did what you had to do in that very moment. And it was a mask. It was a mask of lies that protected me from getting hurt. But it's not who I want to be. I wanna share my true heart. My raw emotions.

In the autumn time I always come to huge realisiations. The fallen leaves spread out the metaphora of caducity. The circle of life. The falling and the rising. The hill and the valley. As above so below. Always. Rooting in my own love makes me strong. As you already might know the latest trend is self-love. Well, finally. I think two years ago for me it was becoming vegan. Then it was the fitness trend last year. Still lasting. But this year, finally the period of self-love entered my life and my whole heart. And self-love for me means setting healthy boundaries. Learning to say no when I really feel like. And not adapt and adapt and adapt until your mind tricks you to think that you are in the right place. Trust your gut. Listen to your inner voice. Love your intuition. This is your life stream leading you to your biggest joy.

Entering the present moment. Elevation. Rising and shining. Grace and gratitude. Seeing things with an open heart. And starting to accept that the past can be a friend. That all the failures are lessons. And that knowledge becomes experience when you combine the dots. Living my best life. Being vulnerable from the core. Accepting what is. And being open for new opportunies to enter my life. I don't want to compare any longer. And I'm so sorry that I did so long. But I didn't knew it better then. I do now. And that is all that counts for me. I see you. I see your true colours. I see your heart. I see your soul.

I am now calling back all my energy to me. I am now releasing the old to create space for the new to enter. I am now elevating to a state of mind where butterflies are flowing in stardust. Thank you so much for everything. I am just grateful for all the taken opportunities. Without the actions and failures of the past I wouldn't be the woman I am now. And I forgive myself for all the people I have hurt. Because I didn't knew it better then. It's never too late to apologize. So now is the time to stop apologizing and start to DO better. Words are nice. But acts are signs of growth. Constant growth. I am balanced. All my chakras are fucking aligned. I am in touch with my Higher Self and so I am in touch with my life purpose. The purpose of loving myself so I can love other people and the sentient beings around me even more. Thank you for being patient. Thank you for your kindness. Thank you for your eternal love.


Nothing else matters.