Good morning world, I just wanna let you know that I love you. You are worthy and you are beautiful just the way you are.

As times are getting tougher you need to become stronger. There is no other way to evolve and grow. The shift was declared long long time ago and we as (human) beings need to adapt quickly. Nobody is going to promise you the holy land if you are not staying focused and believe in yourself. And the older I get the more aware and conscious and woke I become. The more I start to see things falling into place rather than falling apart. Because what is truly yours will make its way into your life. Don't be in such a great rush to figure everything out and let the Universe surprise you.

If you get what you want - that's God's direction. But if you don't get what you want - it's God's protection. Read that again.

Little story out of my life: I recently applied to become a fitness trainer in the gym I work out at. I went to a casting in Berlin and I was giving my best. At the end of the fitness test they needed to think about who to ask for an interview afterwards. While changing clothes in the locker room I was thinking about myself and my performance. I can't tell you why but I never really felt such peace. Going back to the audience they called the names of the people who may become the next fitness trainers. 15 young and ambicious people waiting to be called. They didn't call my name. And you know what? I felt such great peace. I went out of the gym with the biggest smile ever. I felt such a great amount of gratitude. I was able to attend this casting and give my very best. And they were looking for a special kind of trainer. Hell yes. I am not one of these. I am different. I am edgy. I am ambivalent. And I am not fitting their standards. I was never ever happier about a rejection like in this moment. Because I knew that it was just not my door. And that another opportunity is waiting for me. It's God's protection. Thank you, dear Universe.

Decades ago, women were dependent on men. This was happening for a long long period of time because something went completetly wrong. In the old ancient sophisticated world were humans started to embrace nature and each other instead of comparing and hating on each other - we were free. We were free to do whatever we wanted to be. Humans were living in interdependence. Where nature and the stars and the whole Universe and humans were one. And now, women want to be independent. Not only women, but especially women. I am a woman. And that resonates for me. I want to be independent. And as I start to do so and live accordingly to what I want to I feel free. I feel free to live the life I desire.

But I feel that something big, something great is changing in the cosmos at the moment. For three years I feel like I am shifting into a whole new level of consciousness. We are shifting into the next level of humankind. We start to think positively about ourselves. Self-love is key. It's everywhere you look. Everywhere on social media. People are posting pictures of the real. Because the fake world is falling apart. Babylon is starting to break apart. We are shadding our layers. The ego is going to dissolve. We are living more consciously, we are loving more consciously.

Everything is connected to everything. We are all one. We are just seperated in different bodies. But our Spirit is one. We have one big thing in common. And that's Spirit. Our thoughts are vibrating at a certain frequency. When you exhale I breathe the air you breathe. We are all together here. This is the way nature designed it. That we will be sharing the Earth. Interdependence.

For now and for me I need to be alone. I need to focus on myself. I need to focus on my very own vibration. The world around me was lying (to me) all the time. And me, I was lying as well (to myself). To protect myself. To protect my ego. To protect whatever I thought that there was. Do you know why you can't remember the first years of your existence? Do you know why you can't remember something from Kindergarten? Because there was no ego. And without ego you are actually just existing. Not thinking. Thinking is a process which comes with the ego. The mind is playing tricks on you. It's trying to tell you what you should do and what you should avoid. But for me this was never really working. Growing up in a world led by men I thought I needed to use my brain to function. But the real voice I want to listen to is my intuition. It's the inner guide telling me where to go. What to eat. When to eat. What to wear. Who to meet. When to leave. And when to stick to leaving.

I just recently broke up with my boyfriend. It was just not working for me. Because I didn't want it to work. Because I was just not feeling it the way he does. So that's why we needed to seperate. And the older I get the more grateful I become for the people in my life and for the lessons I am able to learn through them. So I'm really sorry that it wasn't working out the way you wished it to be. But you can not force someone to love you. Love is the most mysterious "thing" in the entire Universe. It's the power that brings us to life. It's the magnificent feeling of knowing that you are guided and protected. And sometimes you need to be more patient than you wished it to be. Things take time. And what is meant for you will echo its name through the whole Universe to you.

I am changing. You are changing. We are changing. We are evolving. We are shifting. We are growing and becoming stronger. Physically, emotinally and mentally. And wherever it takes me - that's were I'll go. I trust in the Universe. I trust in the divine timing of the Universe. I trust in my abilities to sense when something or someone is approaching me. I sense everything that is truly important for my soul growth. And this chapter is going to be beautiful because I will not share it with anyone. I will just share it with myself. With my true Self. And whatever comes next, I will be ready. Because I take my time to rest. And to do all the work that is neccessary for me to evolve into the person I really want to be. It's not about finding the right person. It's about becoming the right person.

And needing nothing attracts everything. You win some. You lose some. But be sure of one thing - never lose yourself. And if you do so, get up again and work harder. Motivate yourself with something in the future that is going to make you jump out of bed before 6 in the morning and start doing the work. Don't try to close your eyes to avoid the signs. They will come clearer. Seek clarity. And you will find peace right within yourself.

Life is beautiful. Let's focus on ourselves and become our best version possible. I am not sorry anymore for not entertaining your low frequencies. I survived this year with great pride. Fucking hell, I am so proud of me and what I've already accomplished. Anyone on this planet should go seek therapy. Gather around in community and seek clarity. Helping each other grow. Showing each other that the whole path is the goal. And that all the small steps matter more than achieving one big goal. Focus on yourself. The rest will follow.

Because on this huge rock floating in space we are creating something beautiful. We are creating something real. We are creating the world that we deserve to live in. And it's not done over night but every morning I wake up in my own appartment completetly on my own I feel peace. I feel safe. I feel safe within me. And I feel safe knowing that something greater is awaiting me. And I deserve it. Just as much as you deserve it, my friend. We are all worthy. No matter which age, size or skin colour. We are all worthy. And the Earth needs us right now. Mother Nature is calling us to help her. Let's do the work and focus.

Thank you so much for reading until the end. I will love you forever.

Less human. More being.