Cosmic Wheels

As we all know - or might know - there are certain things or happenings that cannot be explained.

Cosmic Wheels are shifting right now. We have ended a huge cycle. We are about to enter a new cycle. A cycle we are not sure of. Slowly tapping into the very unknown. Eyes closed. Heart opened. Are we ready? Can we ever get the feeling of being ready for anything? As the layers of your old Self are cracking, breaking apart and shatting while the new Self is not fully born yet, we are aligned with our greatest potential. The magnificent meaning of life. A whole new perspective. A very different perception of the Self. Who am I? Who have I been? Who will I be?

The exploration of our Souls in this vast ocean of life is endless. Our Soul's potential is limitless. Once you really start to believe in this you will acknowledge the changes in your daily life. Once you come from a place of love instead of coming from a place of fear everything starts to unfold in the most miraculous way. Once you accept that the great purpose of life is not happiness but rather experience and growth - things start to change quickly. Happiness is a natural byproduct. Happiness can only be found within ourselves. That's the only true happiness. Everything that comes from the material world is just a hallucination of the brain. Happiness always was and always will be a way of life and not a destination or a goal. It can be found within anything. At any time. In this time space reality called life.

This year has brought me into a whole new state of consciousness. Whatever I did until now and whatever I will do until my last breath will be the purpose to raise the frequency. To lift the spirit of others while constantly healing myself. Healing yourself is ultimately connected to healing others. Or healing others is so connected to healing yourself. I feel like something is finally changing at the core of humanity. The roots are getting stronger and bigger every day. The world is changing and I am on the transition team.

Choose wisely - which do you want? The pain of staying where you are or the pain of growth? Read that again.

With my words I want to encourage you (and myself in the first place) to be brave again. Most of the stuff we worry about is just happening in our minds and not in the outer world. This year I learned so much about self-love. I learned so much about setting healthy boundaries and sticking to my own truth. Loving someone doesn't include that you have to stay. And leaving something doesn't mean that you have to be negative or bad about the situation. Life is not happening to us. It's fucking happening for us, to say it with the words of Jim Carrey who is one of my favorite and most inspiring humans on this planet. I recently watched his graducation speech again from May 2014. And something else happened in the same month of this year. Something very transformative. Something that changed my life forever. Something that woke me up with the most sensitive kiss I ever experienced.

It's that time of the year when reflection and introspection takes place all around the globe. And it's amazing. It's not about the consumption of Christmas stuff and unhealthy meals with the family you like to avoid the whole year. No. It's that time of the year when we come to celebrate the light that carries us. The light that shines right through all this bullshit. The light that illuminates the world. This light is love. We have only 25 days left to let go of everything that we don't want to carry with us into the next 20ies. How amazing is this? We will enter the 20ies again. But not only this. We will enter a whole new level of collective consciousness. Together. Because Jupiter is stationing direct for the whole year in the sign of Capricorn. This cosmic combination allows us to step into our highest potential of dedication, determination and awakening our Soul's purpose.

Practicing gratitude is the sexiest thing you can do right now. Vegan is the new black. Vulnerability is the new success. The only question I will ask myself next year will be: How can I be my best Self and at the same time be in service for others? Patience is key. It always was. But it is even more neccessary than ever before. You just have to let the Universe know what you want. Don't focus on the way it's working for you. Just be surprised when it presents you your wishes. Take a deep breath now. I have one serious question for you out there. Are you ready? Take a deep breath again. The question is: Are you ready to receive your blessings?

Let that sink in for a while. You don't owe the Universe anything. You don't have to perform to get what you want. All you need to do is to listen carefully to your Soul. Let that inner voice guide you. Let your Intuition lead you the way. Take that invisible hand. Pray for your dreams. Work hard on your physical and mental health. And don't be afraid. The Universe only ever has three answers to your prayers: 1. yes 2. not now 3. I have something better in store for you...

I wanna say thank you to all of you reading until this point. Thank you for taking the time to let my words touch your Soul. I'm up to something bigger soon. But until that point I am grateful to be able to experience this evolutionary journey. This amazing transformation of the Self through the Self to the Self. We are all just here walking each other home. I can sense it. I hear the angles calling. They are on my side. I'm safe. I'm rooting deep into my Self. I'm sober. I'm introverted. My positivity is contagious. These good vibes already hit you. You can not do a thing about it. The only thing I send out into the world is pure infinite love. I may be struggling with this unconditional love somedays, but I'm getting there. But for now all I wanna let you know is that I am truly happy within myself. Preparing for the life I am praying for. Everything I am going through now is preparing me for what I've asked for. I believe in miracles. I am a miracle.

I come from a place where I totally self sabotaged myself and destroyed my inner peace again and again. And finding that inner strength can take some time for sure. And struggling with the balance of matter is my constant work. I am doing the work. I am up to big things. And all I am doing at the moment is looking deep inside. Feeling my feelings to the core of where they root. And let them fly out of my vessel called body to be one with the Universe again. Cosmic Wheels are shifting. Perception is changing. The only thing that ever really changed was the view. Now I know I'll never be the same because of you. Do the work. Focus on yourself. Take a deep breath. And start embracing your true colours. They are so bright and vibrant. You are beautiful just the way you are. Thank you for showing up.


I love you.