The time has come

What a time to be alive! 

We're writing the year 2020 and we are all in this together now. Do you feel it? Can you sense it? 

I've been waiting for this time to come for my whole life. I am so excited and so full of anticipation about the times that are coming. I see the good times coming. I feel the golden rain washing away our fears and clearing our eyes of the mud of the past. No mud, no lotus. 2020 is the year of transformation. The revolution of love that starts slowly but surely. It's starting within ourselves. It always has to start within. Because nothing in the outer world can make us happy as long as we are not in alignment with who we truly are. To come to this realization is a long long way. Are you ready to walk this path? The path of illumination? The path of enlightenment? The path of warm and bright light?

My whole skin is covered with goosebumps while I am typing this. I am so excited. I am so so sooo excited about this great shift happening. It's not that I've been predicting this event but I've been feeling and talking about the Cosmic Wheels and the big Shift. And that's what is taking place right now in our world. Mother Earth is waking us up from a long collective sleep. We've been under the pressures of fear and control and now everything is collapsing. The world is not ending. But the world that we used to know is ending. And that was written by ancients. 

We all have a huge task right now. We are all in this together. No one is able to escape the current situation happening on this very planet called Earth. We're all in this together. Always have been and always will be. And we are being called to unite again. And to become one with Nature again. To reconnect with our souls and our soul's purpose. We are still bathing in the energy of the Aries Full Moon that took place yesterday morning. Soooo much new clearing and nurturing energy arriving from the Universe. Soak it up. Breathe it in. Be one with the energy that surrounds you at this time. Meditate and connect with your Higher Self. Talk to yourself while going for a walk in the park. Talk to yourself while looking in the mirror and telling yourself how proud you are of yourself that you survived until this very point of history. We are called to rewrite history. We are here to make this world a better place. Not for us. But for future generations. The one who plants the tree and understands that he might never experience its shade is the one who understands life. 

We are being isolated right now to take a step back. To reflect on what is happening within us. Shut down the media. Shut down your phone. Shut down your devices. And tune into your true Nature. Experience who you are beyond the doctrines that you have been told your whole life. You acquired many different skills until this point. See this as the point of origin. This is the zero point. This is the time when we are able to recalibrate our frequency and to tap into our highest calling. We are here to experience life itself and we are here to enjoy its beauty. We are not made to be controlled by fear and hysteria and now is the time to prove that you know about your True North. Now is the time to trust. To trust deeply that better times are coming. Spring equinox just took place. Saturn and Pluto are in conjunction for the whole year. The last time this particular astrological event took place was almost 500 years ago. Do you know what happened 500 years ago when Saturn and Pluto had conjuncted? It was the time of Martin Luther. He was the initator of the reformation. He was the one who split the church. This was also the time when the letterpress was invented. Very big things happened at this time. Do you know what I am talking about right now? I am talking about a revolution. A love revolution. 

Did you noticed lately that the sky is clear as fuck? The blue blue sky is there again. We've had so many times of changing weather and now everything is clear as sunlight. See symbols in everything and signs behind every corner and your life becomes the most magnificent journey. See your journey as a map. A big vast landscape that is ever changing. And nothing will ever be the same again. Take this time to reconnect with who you are. Forget about everything that doesn't serve you in the first place of transformation, expansion and growth. I am a master of transformation. My Human Design told me. Everything I need to know is written in the stars, the planets and the time I was born. I collect these information about myself to help myself grow. It says that I am natural leader and that I will guide people through life. It says that I am highly sensitive and able to adapt quickly. It says that I am passionate about change. It says that I am part of a revolution. Maybe it's a silent one and it will take place right inside of me but it is happening right now. I am changing my behaviours so I am changing my patterns and that is ultimately changing my life. Because what are we without a personality, without a profession or without things that define us? We are patterns. Mosaics. Fragments. 

Take this time to learn about yourself. Utilize your skills to help each other grow. Nourish yourself so you can help others to nurture themselves. Feed yourself healthy information - food, sunlight, fresh air, good news. Don't focus on the media lately. Don't get caught up in the vortex of fear and hysteria. Don't buy more than one fucking bundle of toilet paper. Don't take more than you actually need. You will come to this realization all by yourself. Give yourself time. See yourself as a plant just with more complex emotions. Water yourself daily and don't expect yourself to be "ready" overnight. The process of birthing is an awesome undertaking. It's an incredible process of transformation. We are going to be whole, wise and free. The metamorphosis is happening right now. There are just two paths you can take at the moment - continue sleeping and deny your true Nature or waking up and surrender to the process. I know it's hard. I know you may not have been prepared for this time the right way or the way you wished it to be. But it is the point of origin. You are the manifestor of your own life. You are the creator of your own destiny and you are the one who is able to rewrite your own history. Take the pen and start to write. Just start.

There is so much going on in my heart at the moment. Still having goosebumps all over my body. Nature needed a break. This was long time overdue. And now this virus is teaching us to be silent again. To stay home. To listen to the soft voice inside of ourselves that wants to connect with us. But you never let it. Why not? Are you afraid? Are you anxious about your shadows? The demons that will come at night and try to haunt you? That's another part of the process. Witness your true Nature and surrender to it. Don't be afraid. Talk about your demons. Go search therapy. Be brave enough to let it all out. Show your soul some courage and take one step at the time towards your bright and healthy future. Health is wealth. Abundance is always around us. We just have to know how to ask for it in a certain way. Ask for it with love and accept it with love. Gratitude is the most valuable currency in this entire Universe. Sit yourself down and write about one page a day about what you are grateful for at the moment. Trust me - it changes everything. I promise you to never suffer again if you take the time to write down one little page of gratitude per day. Try it for four weeks. 28 days later your brain will be reprogrammed. You can try it with everything. For example: 

I've been suffering from an eating disorder for my whole life. Eating too much, starving myself, eating way too much, vomiting and feeling emotinoally empty after it all. I never felt whole. I never felt enough. I always wanted to be someone else. I always wanted to be another person except me. But in the process of acknowledging, accepting and loving myself for WHO I AM - I started to feel complete all by myself. I smashed all the expectations of a perfect body or of the perfect way to eat or something like that. And now I am four weeks "sober" of consuming white sugar. Because sugar is the heroine of all the foods out there. I stopped smoking, I stopped drinking, I stopped doing drugs, I even stopped consuming sugar. Everything that was not in alignment with who I am and who I want to become has already left my life. I don't say that I was easy. Fucking hell no. But it was worth it. It was fucking worth every little hard step. It was worth all the way long. I am so much happier now because I know that it's not just about being vegan and eating smoothie bowls and stuff. It's about nourishing your body. Nurturing your soul. Feeling whole again all by myself. Feeding myself healthy and whole foods and cook for myself every damn day. It's a process and it's a long way but once you start to FEEL the results within your mental health you never want to take a step back. 

Things are changing so rapidly and so quickly that one is almost not able to digest all of this information properly. That's why the Earth is telling you now: Take a break! Take a step back. Look at your life with grace and gratitude and value what you already experienced. Witness your true Nature. Watch how you are becoming yourself. Your true and authentic self. Just the way you are. Just for yourself. It takes a tremendous amount of energy to change. But ask yourself this question again and again: What do you prefer? The pain of staying where you are or the pain of growth? Read that again. What do you prefer? The pain of staying where you are? Or the pain of growth? Let that sink in. Here's a friendly reminder that pain is just temporary. Pride is everlasting. Breathe in. Empty your mind. Breathe out. Love yourself a bit more today. Be soft and gentle with yourself. Heal your inner child and ask it what it wants to do today. Draw mandalas? Go for a walk in nature? Sit in the sun for the whole day? Listen to the voice inside your head while reading a good book on the couch with a cup of tea? Cuddle like there is no tomorrow? Show yourself a little more love today. Embrace your true Nature. 

Whatever you might encounter in life - you have the power to perceive it as you want it. Life is what you make out of it. Your journey is just as beautiful as you yourself are able to see it. It's the small things. It's the short period of time when everything feels right in your life. You feel safe within your body, you feel comfortable within your clothes, you feel accepted by your environment. Do it for yourself. Do it for the healing of your soul. And while you are healing yourself the Earth is healing itself. That's what we are here for. And you will only be enrolled in this school called life as long as you participate. Teach yourself how to love yourself. Set healthy boundaries. Say no when it feels wrong. Say yes when it feels right. Say maybe when you are uncertain. Be honest. Be authentic. Take your time. The Universe is so fucking old - it had never expected something to be birthed overnight. Evolution took a looooong long journey until this point in history. Open your heart. Open yourself to these higher dimensional frequencies. Surrender to love. Surrender to yourself. You are being rewarded all the time. You may not have seen it fully. But now is the time to change your view. Change the way how you see things. Be open for the changes. Be open for the lessons. Be open for the energies entering your life that are just here to help you, to guide you, to provide your destiny. Your own life purpose. Live it. Live it fully. Live it now. Live it for yourself. Life is happening for you.

Now is the time to open up to love. 
Now is the time to forgive. 

Now it the time to heal. 


Thank you. 

I love you.