Are you ready?


Whatever it is that you want in life - it's already yours. 

Whatever you want to achieve in life - it's already happening.


Until this point of my journey life taught me a lot about myself. And since I am able to acknowledge and welcome my thoughts and feelings as visitors the whole game changed. You are not your feelings. And you are not your thoughts. You are the fine dress that lays under all the different layers of your skin. You are pure source energy. Without all the given senses we couldn't experience life at all. Just imagine. You could not feel that you are real because you were not able to touch your own body without the sense of all the nerves coming to the tip of your fingers. Just imagine to not be able to see all the colours of the light spectrum. Just imagine to not even hear your own voice. Or smell the tasty aroma of your fresh cooked meal waiting in front of you to be eaten by you. Life would be black and white and hard and sad. But thank the Lord it isn't. Be grateful for your senses. Be grateful for your own gifts. Be grateful for your very own talents and abilities. We are all here for a reason. And this reason is to experience life. With all given senses. The meaning of life is whatever you perceive it to be. Life is not what it is. It is what you make out of it. And as I love to quote Jim Carrey: Life is not happening to you - its happening for you. Own it. 


We will never ever arrive somewhere. We are already there. We are here. And that's all it takes to live a happy and abundant life. If you let me - I'll show you:


17 steps of enlightenment:


1. You have to experience the darkest time ever in your life

2. You have to really be down and kind of depressed for a certain period of your life

3. You have to feel in your bones that you can't and don't want to move on like this

4. You have to decide that you want better for yourself and the world

5 .You have to decide to change your behaviour and most importantly your habits

6. You have to remember every day in your life that you deserve to live a happy and abundant life

7. You have to be grateful for every fucking little thing in your life

8. You have to change your whole mindset and start seeing results once you started practising gratitude

9. You have to be ready to embrace all the magic that is happening in your life 

10. You have to get a sense of what synchronicity means and how it shows up in your life personally

11. You have to feel all your feelings - especially those who you did suppress for the most time in the past

12. You have to surrender to the "how" - just surrender to the process and watch your life change for the better

13. Once you start realizing that you are the powerful creator of your own life and that you already have all the tools - life just flows

14. Once you start practising gratitude as a ritual every morning when you wake up and every evening before you go to sleep - life just flows

15. Once you start appreciating every small thing and every person that is in your life for a reason - life just flows

16. Once you start following your heart and be brave enough to speak your own truth - life just flows

17. Once you start participating in the divine plan of the Universe - life just flows


Life is whatever you make out of it. It's your decision. 

Thank you so much for reading until this point.

I am beyond grateful. 

We are limitless. 

I love you.