Liberate to recalibrate

Hello beautiful souls, it's been a while. 

Happy and healthy new year and welcome to the Golden Age, the Age of Aquarius. 


Our world is changing and shifting like hell at the moment. We are embarking on a whole new journey. And we all decided to be part of the Great Awakening. We signed up for this human experience long long time before we even incarnated in this vessel called body. I prefer to call it home. Your body is your home for the entire time that you are here on Earth. And that's the first beautiful message that comes up to my mind or rather comes up to my heart when I think of writing another blog post. 

There is so much going on right now. So many changes. So many challenges. And so many opportunities for us to grow. Grow into your skin more and more each day. We are here to create Heaven on Earth. We are the creators of our own life. And the best thing about it is: we are collectively creating the New Earth at this moment. The power of our thoughts is immense. We are all connected by frequency. And it is our job to do the best we can right now. To step into our powers and co-create the life that this planet deserves. We are all worthy of great love and abundance. And there is enough for everyone. We just have to focus on the things that we want. And the more you focus on negativitiy, fear and lack of something - the more you will attract it into your life. 

So at this point of human history it is so vastly important to focus on the good. Let's take a deeeeeep breath together right now. Breathe in. Breathe out. Slowly. Consciously. 


I decided, long long time ago, that I wanted to participate in this Great Awakening in a female body with a German passport. But that's just a label. We are all human. We are all one. And we are all collectively shifting into the next paradigm. I know some of you might not feel ready for this. But you are. You are ready. And the Universe ever gives you just as much as you can take. Little doses of truth. Of awakening. Of realization. I feel deep down in my soul that I have a calling to help humanity to wake up. I always felt it. And now I can't hide it any longer. I am stepping into my power. I am becoming the person that I would love have as a friend, as a lover, as a partner or as a mother. I am loving myself. Sooooo much. There is nothing egoic about loving yourself. You come first. And the rest follows. 


One day, I'm gonna publish a book about all the wisdom that flows through me. And this blog is a first step to collecting aaaaall the wisdom that flows through me. But I know that in times of Amazon Prime and Tinder, no one is gonna read my shit anymore. Because this is not the medium that we are getting used to. But I am fucking old school. My soul is thousands of years old. And I adore books. So I will not follow the mass just to reach you out there. I want to publish a book. And I want to do it with the help of all the people who want to participate in this Great Awakening. Maybe I'm gonna be the author of it - but the stories that I will share there are a product of all the experiences I already gained in this lifetime. Last week I celebrated my 27th round around the sun. Couldn't be happier. So grateful to be able to write another chapter. So grateful to be able to love even more people. So grateful to be able to share my soul for another year. So grateful for existence. 


I don't know who is about to read this and if there is just one single person that I am reaching with these words right now - thank you so much for reading! I deeply appreciate your time and energy. Today marks my 10 year anniversary with Potsdam. This beautiful city that I live in and root deeper every year is my home town. I know that I've been born and raised in West Germany for the first 17 years of my life - but I feel home here. I feel home in my body. Doesn't matter where I am physically on Earth. I feel home within myself. And that was a looooong long journey. But there is not much that can shock me anymore. Even not all the conspiracy theories behind the Virus. You create your own reality. And if you decide to follow the mass and so follow the fake news, the false truths and the opinions of other people - then go ahead. Do you. But if you feel like there is more to life, there have to more - then look deep within yourself. You cannot find the answers outside of yourself. But to find answers you have to start asking questions. You have to start searching for yourself. Start searching for the parts of yourself that you lost a long time ago. They are still there, waiting for you to love them. 


Embrace your inner child. Live with an open heart. Don't let the world make you sad. Don't get mad about all the hate that is still around you. Focus on love. Focus on the feeling of having enough. Focus on the thought that YOU ARE ENOUGH. You are perfectly imperfect. Just the way you are. Love all your flaws. They make you unique. They make you YOU. Choose yourself. Because everyone else is already taken. Love yourself first. Dive deeper into the heart space. Feel your heart beating. Hear your breath streaming. Let the divine love of the Universe fill you up with eternity. Let go of the expectations. Let go of the mind. Let go of the ego. Try to. Not all at the same time. But a little step every day. And please celebrate who and where you are RIGHT NOW. Because you can not come to the next chapter if you don't fucking celebrate the hell out of your being right now. Celebrate that you not only survived the first year of Corona, but rather celebrate that you did the best you could with the given opportunities at that specific time in your life. Nobody is perfect. We are all human. But we are all God as well. 


There is so much more coming out of myself at the moment that I want to express. But I will leave it there for now. Thank you so so much for reading until this point. I so do appreciate you. I really deeply love you. Love is the biggest and most powerful force in the whole Universe. Let's spread it. Let's share it. Let's live it. Once again. And again and again. 


Thank you so much.