Gratitude is the Attitude

Dear beloved Universe,


I want to talk to you. I want you to listen deeply. I want all your attention for the following sentences. Thank you so much.

I am forever grateful for my life and this human incarnation. This human experience. This less-human-more-being-thing. This incredible feeling of growing into my own skin more and more each and every day. I am so beyond grateful for my lessons and all the teachers that I have already met along the journey. Thank you so much for the beautiful souls that I was already able to interact with. I feel so much love and understanding for the planet because I look deep within myself and find all the answers there. It's said so easily. But it's quite a rocky road. Nevertheless, it was worth every single step. Because it has brought me to the present moment. And the present moment is all that we have. 


Thank you so much for my beautiful body vehicle. Thank you so much for this amazing appearance and the beauty that I see in everything because it reflects back to me. Thank you so much for all the years of shame, hate and punishing myself for who I was. The dark period is over. And I could not be more grateful of this than I truly am. Thank you so much! I cannot say it often enough. I am so grateful for all the lessons and all the opportunities that I took. I was so brave and I am so proud of myself. And I am finally on track. I see the path. There is no path to peace. Peace is the path. This mantra keeps me alive for so long now. I am enough. This is the affirmation that I use daily. I am enough. It is enough. I AM ENOUGH.


Today I started my day early and had to lay in bed a little longer because I was too excited to start my day. Sounds crazy I know. It's the pandemic and the snow is like 20 cm high. People out there are worrying. Things are going off. People leaving my life. People entering my life. Old energy is clearing out. New energy is slowly starting to crawl in. I eventually got out of bed and rolled up my yoga mat. Layed down on it. Felt my physical being. And went into transcendence for about half an hour. I don't know what time is. I don't know what half an hour is. It's just something. Time is fluid. Time is an illusion. Everything is an illusion. I hold the whole power to my personal meaning of life. For me GRATITUDE is the attitude.  


Thank you, dear beloved Universe, that I get to spend another beautiful day in this body suit. Thank you for another beautiful day of riding consciousness with my fleshy bones. Thank you for another opportunity of giving love to the Earth. Thank you soooo much for all the love that I carry within my heart. I am enough. I am beloved. I am LOVE. 

I am so excited about my life. I am so excited about all the beautiful things that might happen in the future. But at least I am confident within myself. I am in control of my emotions. And I still visit my therapist once a week. And I am so proud of this. It changed my life so dramatically that I decided to do the same. I am going to become a healer focused on human psychology. It starts in two months. I am so excited to welcome this new energy in my life. I am so proud that I took such a healthy decision for my future-self. I am so happy to be given the chance to heal myself. And therefor, I am able to help other people to start looking for themselves. I am here to guide you through it. I am here to support you. I am here to be by your side. I am here for you. 


Everyone comes to this world with other gifts. We are all gifted. Just not everyone opened their present yet. To say it with the words of Picasso: The purpose of life is to find your gift - and the meaning of life is to give it away. Beautiful, isn't it? Healing is my art. Healing is my kind of love. Healing is what I signed up to long long before I incarnated in this human costume. I carefully chose the time, the place and the parents. Turned out that I had to figure out way more than I thought at the beginning of my journey. But here I am. Healing. I am whole. I am enough. I am imperfectly perfect. And I am not striving for perfection anymore. I am enough. It's okay. I do the best I can every day and that's enough. The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz helped me a lot along the way. 


One day, dear beloved Universe, one day I will create this magical place - somewhere - where we all come together as living and loving individuals. Caring for each other. Respecting each other. Loving each other unconditionally. We are just seperated in the physical. We are all one in the spiritual world. But still, I can't wait to reunite with you all in the physical realm again. One day, dear beloved Universe, I - or what I personally think I am - will leave this body into eternity again. But until this day I just want to spread as much love as I can. I want to become the most beautiful and most caring, loving, nurturing version of myself that I could ever imagine. And I want you to help me please. Please send me more of my fellow light workers. Please send me more souls that feel like home. Thank you so much! I am forever grateful for this amazing journey! I am sooo grateful for all the love and health and wealth that you have already blessed me with. THANK YOU!


You know, one day I just woke up and decided that my life will just be magical from now on. Do you remember this day? The power of a decision is immense. Vast. Great. Thank you for my power. Thank you for my energy. Thank you for my design. Thank you for my heritage. Thank you for my DNA. Thank you for my special effects. Thank you so so much for my abilities to give and care and share and heal. Thank you so much for my beloved and talented friends. Thank you so much for the amazing soul tribe that I am building right now. Thank you so so much for my divine counterpart. Thank you for the chance to see myself in everyone I meet. Thank you for the physical contact. When this "thing" we call Corona ends - I will light up the fucking world with glitter and love!!! You hear me? You do. Thank you.


Thank you so much for my mother. For my mama in this lifetime. For my beloved little brother. For he has his whole life still right in front of him. I am so proud of his compassion. He has the biggest heart I have ever met. Thank you for my two dads. Thank you for the many beautiful men that I was already able to share my love with. Thank you for the few women that I was already sharing my love with. Thank you for more and more women entering my life to create love and abundance togehter. Thank you for all the people surrounding me with love and light. Thank you for this very special human who helped me while I was in my darkest period. You are the most beautiful! I will always love you. Even if we are apart from each other now. Temporarily. You will find your purpose as well. Thank you for this very very special human being in my life right now. I am so blessed to have you by my side. I am so blessed to walk a part of the path with you. I fell in love with you the first time we met, the first time we talked, the first time we re-connected. Because we both felt that we were so fucking meant to meet each other again in this lifetime. And we planned it very carefully. So proud of us, my sweet baby!


People come and people go. Seasons come and seasons go. Material things come and go. Jobs come and go. Everything is part of the whole plan. And we are part of it. I mean, how isn't this the coolest thing ever? We are a part of the New Earth. We are here to help the Earth shift to the next level of consciousness. I am so damn excited. Thank you so much for being able to participate in this Great Awakening. We are here to spread our love, teach our gifts and listen to each other deeply. I have so much compassion and respect for the world that I live in. Thank you so much for all the blessings, dear beloved Universe. You feel my love? I know you do. I could talk to you for hours. I could type the fuck out of my soul into this blog. I don't care if someone is going to read this or not. Because I am doing this for me. Life is happening for me. It's happening for us. Had a long slow walk in the park earlier and the sun came out for the first time this month. I had to cry. I had to cry out of joy because I saw the snow shining. I saw all the white glitter. I saw people with dogs, skis, snowboards, sleighs - they were having so much fun. And I had so much fun watching them. And after that I went to that little frozen lake and had another spontaneous yoga session. I didn't plan it or thought about it. It just happened. I just surrendered to the moment. I surrendered to myself. 


Currently, I am just overflowing. And I don't know if it's temporary or if it's ever going to stop again. But I don't care. Because I have me. I have the present moment. I have the now. All we ever have is now. Tomorrow we are encountering a New Moon in Aquarius. The Golden Age of Aquarius had just begun. Now is the time to manifest the life that we deserve. Now is the time to focus as sharp as possible on our wishes and dreams. I encourage you to dream bigger. Dare to ask the Universe for what you ever wished for. To be honest, what I really really deeply wish for is: COMMUNITY. I want to share my love. I wish for a healthy and abundant community of like minded individuals. I can't wait to celebrate the fuck out of y'all. I will kiss you. I will hug you. I will jump on you. I will dance with you into eternity. I will laugh and cry and I want you to do the same. Thank you for listening, dear beloved Universe. You know me better than anyone else. 


Thank you so much for this once in a lifetime opportunity. I will take a risk. I will be brave. I promise. 

Thank you so much for listening!

I love you with all my heart.

I love you so!