Cause I've been waiting so long,

been waiting so long for someone like you to

take me higher than light 

I know that I found my remedy here

Thank you so damn fucking much for showing up in my life! I am so forever grateful to have you here with me. Thank you so much, dear Universe, that you brought us togehter. I can not imagine a life without you anymore. You are so different than anyone I've ever met. And I wouldn't want to have it any other way. I'm so proud to have you in my life. The Universe always serves us what we need and not what we want. But what happens when the need and the want merge into each other? This is what I call love at first sight. 

I could listen to you telling our story over and over again. Seeing you glow when you talk about how you first met me gives me goosebumps everytime. I love you stupid. Like literally. We are so stupid together. We are stupid happy. We are just next level shit. We are the next generation of love. We are who we are meant to be. We are what they would call a fucking perfect relationship. But you know what's funny? We are not perfect. We are real. Because real people can't be perfect. And perfect people can't be real. 

I just want to sum up my feelings right now because they might transform faster than I am able to notice. And I want to fucking write down my deep deep feelings for you. I've been waiting so long for someone like you to take me higher than light. Someone that makes me laugh just because. Someone I can shake the fuck off with in every life situation. Someone that supports my dreams and uplifts me with their vision. Someone who will be there even when the lights go out. When the curtain falls. When everything goes down. We will lift each other up. We will stand for what we fucking stand for. And I will not shrink myself to make other people feel more comfortable. You are in my life to help me to the next stage of greatness. And I am not afraid of it anymore. I want to shine my fucking light and help the planet to evolve. Thank you so much for sharing the same vision. 

Feels like so many lifetimes that I've been waiting for you. And now I know that I found my remedy here. You are the medicine. You trigger the love so deep within me that I am just overflowing out of joy. I want to see you grow and I want to support your dreams. Our mission is to increase the biggest amount of happiness that this earth can possibly feel. I want to create an abundant and luxurious life with you. I want to create adventures and go on vacations with you. I want to lay in your arms and watch sunsets. I want to lay on your chest while counting stars. I want to kiss you good morning as many times as we can celebrate another beautiful day on earth again. Let's dance and dance and dance. Because this is what I've been waiting for so long. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you for loving me unconditionally and showing me how to do the same with you. You are my greatest teacher. You teach me how to open up even more than ever before. You help me see that I am beyond beautiful. I am your Goddess. This is the fucking 10 of cups energy right here with you. 4 of wands. Harmony. Love. Union. We are all one. Thank you so much for showing up. Thank you so much for our fucking epic story. I can't tell it often enough. Seems like I am pretty much in love, huh? I don't know what I experienced before but I am damn sure that what we have is something beyond everything. Avatar. So deeply connected. So intimate. So pure. So childlike. So innocent. 

I know that I found my remedy here. 

Let's set the world on fire.

Let's love forever.

I love you.