There is so much love inside of me. There is so much love surrounding me. There is so much love within all of us. We just need to open our hearts and trust. The Unvierse is always protecting us and helping us on our very special soul path. We all came here with a mission. We all incarnated because we wanted to. We all came here to change something. The change always starts within. And success occurs when the outer merges with the inner. But it all starts within you. 

Within me started a complete new cycle. A new age. A new beginning of a whole new beginning. Things might not really change very fast on the outside but my inner world is colliding, exploding, crumbling and recycling. The craziest thing that happens is when a dream comes true. The moment you realize that all you ever prayed and wished for is already there. It's here. It's within you. And when the outer merges with the inner, bliss in on the horizon. Salvation. I am free. I tried so many things in life. I had so many various experiences. And it all leads me back to the core. To the Earth. To Mother Nature. To the one and only Source. To the Universe. The ever unfolding essence of life itself. 

Om Nama Shivaya. All elements are one. One depends on the other and yet every 'thing' exists independently. We are all made of star dust. We are all magic. Let the magic enter your life. Let the bliss of the Universe shower you with golden fluid love. Since I practise what I preach my life became even more blessed than ever before. I don't know a time in my life where I was happier than I am now. The now is all we have. The present moment is the most beautiful thing there is. Being present is my life goal. Focusing on my breath. Focusing on my emotions. Focusin on my values. I want to offer my love to the world. I want to serve the planet with the highest intention of love and peace. I want to live in harmony with my surroundings. I want to treat every creature on this planet like God. Because we are all one. We are God. Thank you so much for this incarnation. 

Connecting with Spirit is the only thing that matters for me for the rest of my life. I don't need achievements yet they are very nice to set goals to. I don't need things yet they are very comfortable and underlining the beauty of abundance. But the real beauty lies in the moment. Real richness is health. Health is wealth. Since I understood that all that we consume we become... Life changed. My perspective changed. The only thing that ever really changed was the view. Last autumn I spent 500 euros on a personal meal plan. It was based on animal protein and vegetables. There were rules to obey. And I felt like I needed a change in my diet. So I tried it out. Because I felt that I finally wanted to be healthy and happy with my body and my soul. 7 months later I am vegan again and I couldn't be happier. Sometimes you need to try something else to get back to the root of things. To have the ability to look at things from another perspective. To be courageous enough to try something else. To try something new. To try something old or known. Thank God that I came back to the roots. Thank you for this life changing phase of my life. Thank you for this new cycle. I just had my period and decided to cut out all the animal products again. I've been vegan for 3 full years. I've been vegetarian one year before going vegan. And the last 7 months helped me so much to regain my focus. To maintain a balance within myself. To focus on myself and just myself. 

Namasté to a healthy whole food, plant-based diet. I am currently reading 'How Not To Die' by Dr Greger and every third sentence says that vegans are the healthiest. You just need someone who suggests authentically enough that being vegan is not healthy and that makes you change. I am happy that I tried. But I don't want to consume animal products again. I want to live with animals in harmony and I don't want to eat them. My moral, disguised as my Higher Self, told me to stop consuming this. I am meditating daily for more than 8 weeks now. And I am doing yoga every morning for these 8 weeks as well. I practise what I preach. I do what I always wished to have the discipline for. I am so happy that I started. I am so happy that I just started. Because it doens't have to be perfect or all sort out from the beginning. It just has to be a decision made with an open heart.

There are so many signs and synchronicities at the moment. I feel so connected to the whole Universe. I feel so sober and healthy. I feel so safe and sure of what I want in life. And I feel that I don't know nothing. Because I am changing every minute. My cells are recycling. The nerves in my brain are growing. The third eye is open. The thymus is evolving. I am preventing all the illnesses by being mindful. I recently started my trainee for becoming a psychotherapist. I will also learn more and more about nutrition and what it can do to the human body. I will focus on the Tarot and the hidden symbols of things. I will communicate with the energies around me. I will be offering the Unvierse a vessel to communicate to the Collective with. I will build an Ashram and support especially women to love their bodies and heal themselves. I will be there for all the people who need help and are strong enough to ask for help. I will sing the song of my heart at sunset. I will live in Ibiza and Bali for a while. I will teach mindfulness meditation and I will love it. I will be with my man for as long as we decide to be happy with each other. And I will love myself unconditionally for the rest of my entire human experience. 

I am so so so fucking grateful that I started this journey of mindfulness and health so early. Because I will be blessed with another beautiful conscious 80 years at least on this beautiful Earth. I am manifesting my best life. And I want it simple. I want it to be filled with laughter, love and good listening. I want it to be filled with community, friends and family. I want my life to be epic. Not because it should be amazing on the outside but because I believe that I have the power to maintain all my goals in life and thrive. I want to grow into the most beautiful version of myself. I want to be inked and show my soul on my skin. I want to be surrounded by loved ones and conscious healthy people. I want to be filled with abundance and prosperity. I want to live a very very abundant life. Because I like to share. I love to share my richness. I love to share my wisdom. I love to share my love. I love to share my passion. I love to be me. And in this life, I will heal completely from all the past trauma. 

My ultimate goal in life is to become ME. Raw and honestly me. I want to grow and evolve spiritually. I want to deepen my connection with the Universe. I want to support others to start searching for their souls and finally being on track. Because we will never arrive 'somewhere'. We will never get it done. And that's the purpose of life. We are all artists. We are alchemists. And the artist loves the process of expressing. The process of creating. We are ever creating. But we are never arriving. Because we are already there. Here is there. There is here. As above so below. 

Namasté to the beauty of existence. Namasté to all the beautiful souls that are showing up each and every day for doing the light work. Namasté to all the beautiful animals and plants that are showing us the magnificence of existence. Namasté to Yoga and Meditation because they are the gateway to the self. Combined for me they are the journey of the self through the self to the self. Thank you so much, dear beloved Universe, for our connection and the love that we exchange. I feel blessed for life. I am so grateful that I was strong enough to leave my job. I am so happy that you helped me see clearly. I am so happy to have let go of my addictions. I am so happy to be living a healthy and conscious life. Because I am high on life. And I can feel this every day. Thank you so much for all the money! You know what I'm talking about. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! 

At this point of the journey I just trust and let go. I open my heart and I am sitting here with open palms ready to receive. With my heart I am giving the love. And with my palms I am humble and grateful enough to accept my blessings. Because I am a Manifesting Generator and I think things into existence. I speak it into existence. And I fucking type it into existence. This so called 'blog' is just another way of expressing my thought process. For the public. To re-read it again and again and feel all the connections and all the synchronicities. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I love you forever.

I love me.